Jomba Police Station

​New police vehicles for Madang

The vehicles were presented by Provincial Administrator Daniel Aloi, in response to the recent petition issued by landowners and residents of Sisiak over escalated crime.

Aloi also promised a police post for Sisiak, and road sealing after the general elections, while Water PNG committed free water and accommodation for police officers to live and monitor the area of crime.

Provincial Police Commander, Jacob Singura, said the vehicles come at a time of need, when the country is full on into election activities.

Madang residents fed up with crime

The protesters included landowners of Sisiak and residents of Brahim, Panim, Beon Mausrot, the corrections facility, Furan and Sisiak Village.

Banners and placards held by the frustrated group publicly carried their demands of a safer community and better road conditions.

School students and teachers joined in the march to Jomba Police Station as well.

Attempts to contact PPC Jacob Singura failed, but reliable sources say the petition also informs PPC Singura of a sit-in protest scheduled for this Friday.