police officers

Police officers warned

He made this comment after an off-duty police officer was detained at the Boroko Metro Cells after he allegedly damaged an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at the Rainbow Stop and Shop on Monday, 8th of January 2024.

“Police personnel are accountable to the laws of this country and if they commit an illegal act they will be prosecuted,” he said.

“Just like any citizen, he has the right to a fair trial in the criminal court, but police who commits criminal acts will be prosecuted and sacked,” he said.

Police officers disciplined for drugs

Although no illicit substances were found on them during their arrest at a city Lodge on May 6, the officers were served with administrative charges due to their actions being captured on video.

Assistant Commissioner of Police and Commander for the National Capital District and Central Province Divisional Command, Anthony Wagambie Jr, stated that out of the three police officers, one was served with four SDORs, the second with three, and the third with two.

Teachers murdered in Madang

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang, said while students and teachers begin the academic year, relatives of the three teachers are in mourning for their loved ones.

Mendi Welcomes New Year Peacefully

Southern Highlands Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector, Daniel Yangen confirmed that generally, Mendi was quiet and the New Year was welcomed peacefully. 

He said just before the festive season, police carried operation with a survey done. One of the problems police identified was the continuous drinking spree and the public getting rowdy when consuming alcohol.  

Officers in 2 Fast Motors robbery acquitted

The cases against Samuel Turi, Arnold Zilong, Tuom Tutuk, Ronald Nelson, Carl Inoumba and Jeremiah Buigen were dismissed by Justice George Manuhu after the state failed to secure their witnesses, who are Chinese nationals, to appear in court.

The non-availability of state witnesses saw no evidence offered by the state when it closed its case at trial.

The trial was initially set in May to give time to round up witnesses however, that was not done.