Food for Jomba detainees

Food for Jomba detainees The Office of the Madang Governor, Ramsey Pariwa donated food to the Jomba police station recently to feed detainees at the cellblocks.

The Governor’s Executive Officer, Ricky Mombi, delivered the rations on Friday 6th July at the Jomba Provincial Police headquarter.

Mombi said the assistance by the Governor’s Office was in response to a request from the Provincial Police for financial assistance to carry out essential functions.

The situation became critical in the last three months when debts where accumulated with the food supplier for detainees to the sum of K3000 owed by the Police Department.

Consequently, the Jomba Police cell was not able to provide proper meals for detainees thus accepted food from the families of detainees, which poses risks.

Acting Chief Inspector with Public Safety Unit, Senior Sergeant, Dick Gigino, stated that there were 56 detainees, including two female in the police cell including some detainees from the Beon Correctional Service Institute.

The detainees from the Beon CIS were kept at the Police cell because of lack of fuel to transport them back to the prison cells. The number of detainees at Jomba police cell increases every day.

Mombi said there are over 50 men detained at Jomba who were being charged for serious crimes which the Madang Governor requests for the judicial process to expedite their court process in order to contain the law and order issues in the province.

The Madang Governor’s Office received the request letter from Senior Sergeant Gigino on July 4th and made a swift reply on July 6th with the purchase of food.

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