Madang riots condemned

Madang Governor Ramsey Pariwa in a media statement released yesterday has condemned the brutal and senseless killing of an innocent police officer.

He is taking full responsibility of the situation as Governor of the province for and on behalf of the people of Madang. Pariwa said to utilize all machinery of the Government of Madang to bring to justice all the perpetrators involved in the killing, and ensure that such incidents never happen again in the future.

He also condemned the actions of the opportunists who took advantage of the situation to go on a rampage in Madang town, harassing innocent commuters and damaging private and state properties. This includes the provincial government office and the Provincial Assembly.

“The Governor’s office and the Provincial Assembly are the highest seats of the power and authority for the people of Madang Province. The damage done to those two offices is an insult to the people of Madang and will not be taken lightly. This is uncalled for,” states Pariwa.

Governor Pariwa will work hard to put to rest the disturbances caused by outsiders, and has warned squatters.

“I also put on notice the vagrants and squatters of Madang that for and on behalf of the people of Madang, the Provincial Executive Council have authorized for the Government of Madang to remove you and send you back to your places of origin.

“You have the choice to start relocating or await the eviction proper which will start very soon. To the vagrants and squatters, be reminded that your actions so far have endorsed your eviction notice,” stated the Governor.

The first lot of settlements are those located within town areas, however he said a resettling exercise will take place for those who have been in the province for three to four generations.

Meantime, normalcy has returned and business is as usual with the police reinforcement from the Northern Metro Group, who had arrived last week.

It is anticipated that as soon as the new Provincial Police Commander arrives this week, handover takeover should proceed with evictions to commence soon after.

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