Hanuabada village

Policing services return to HB

The people of Hanuabada have been without this service for the past nine years following the shooting of two men allegedly by police in 2014.

National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent, Silva Sika was present on Saturday 4th October at Elevala village, Hanuabada to hear the concerns of the villagers and how they can work together to restore policing services.

Once known as a no-gone zone will now see the heavy presence of police starting Monday 6th October 2023.

Police address homebrew issues in Hanuabada

The joint effort between police units in NCD, the Motu Koita Police Reservist Unit and leaders of Hanuabada, ends today.

The purpose of the awareness is to inform the general public and the people of Hanuabada that an enforcement team will be effecting arrest on anyone involved in the production and sale of the illicit spirit.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika, said police service to Hanuabada was cut off since 2014 following the shooting death of two local men. Sika said with that case now resolved, policing into the big village is necessary.

Fishermen still missing

According to Motu Koita Assembly chairman, Dadi Toka Jnr, the men went fishing last week Tuesday and haven’t returned since. 

“Unfortunately we haven’t had any success with the search parties that have gone out, they’ve been missing for over six days now. They went fishing (trolling) on Tuesday last week and these are family men, three of them have wives and children and one of them is a teenager,” he stated. 

K25m Funding For Metoreia Health Centre

The Metoreia Health Centre will be built at the cost of K25 million with funds donated by the Government of Australia.

Motu-Koita Chairman and Deputy Governor for NCD, Dadi Toka Jr was moved by the enhancement of a dream for the elevation of his people’s health care through the financial support of the Australian Government.

NCD police meet with HB elders

Today a second meeting was held between Met Supt Perou N’Dranou and his Superintendent Operations Micahel Tilae, along with village representatives.

The meeting was set up to form up mechanisms to deal with law and order issues in the village.

Addressing the meeting, the Met Supt commended the elders for taking a step to deal with issues being faced since police absence from the village in 2015.

The Superintendent of operations, Michael Tilae, reiterated calls by N'Dranou adding this was a step in helping them deal with law and order issues among the community.

Legacy of cricket enthusiast honoured

Today (4 April) marks the 11th Anniversary of the passing of the Late William Arua Rarua of Hanuabada Village, who was the founder of the Liklik Cricket Competition, which began 19 years ago.

According to Seura Loa, cricketer and co-founder of Liklik Cricket, the late Rarua wanted to start up a competition for the young children in Hanuabada Village that would occupy them during the school holidays.

Young lawyer scoops 7 excellence awards

Ethel Heagi was among 91 trainees from the Legal Training Institute in Port Moresby who were admitted to practise law last Friday.

She started the journey 12 years ago but withdrew from her first year of studies at UPNG’s School of Law due to financial difficulties.

The 31-year-old, whose mother is from the Botai clan of Hanuabada village, and father from Guinea-Bissau in West Africa, joined Air Niugini in 2008 as an in-flight safety officer or flight attendant.

The ‘Big Village’ aims to clean it up with World Vision and partners

Instead of wooden thatched houses, the ‘Big Village’ as it is referred to nowadays, while still standing on stilts over the water, and still observing many traditional customs, is home to about 18,000 men, women and children (or maybe more) in homes built with concrete fibre, timber with corrugated roofing.

HB Update: Cop suspended for not handing in weapons

Chief Inspector Maria Jones failed to comply with instructions to surrender some weapons for ballistic tests in the Hanuabada double killing investigations.

NCD Central police commander Sylvester Kalaut says that the weapons were determined to be the ones identified by investigators.

Kalaut would not say just how many weapons were to be brought in but says instructions were issued and Jones was tasked to surrender the weapons which she failed to do.

He says Jones was identified as one of the officers on the scene at the time of the shooting.

Police bullet would made me useless – survivor

Koroho is the only survivor among the three men who sustained bullet wounds from the alleged police shooting.  

It has been one year and three days and still not one policemen involved in the shooting is arrested.

Koroho 52 is a qualified crane operator and had just resigned from Bishop Brothers at the time of the incident.

He suffered bullet wounds in his shoulder and had to go through nine hours of surgery to have the bullets removed.

Doctors have declared him unfit for any physical work and because of this, his family now suffers financially.