Governor Marum address Rabaul unrest

The East New Britain Provincial Government has retained the services of two security firms in the province to assist and maintain peace and good order in Rabaul town.

The town, in the past four weeks has experienced a spate of law and order issues resulting in loss of business, schools and key institutions such as health and banking services affected, a number of families losing homes and damaged properties.

The two security firms- Black Fox Security Services and NKCL Security will help the police and focus on keeping the access road from Rapolo junction to Rabaul Town patrolled and free of loitering groups harassing travelers.

Governor Michael Marum together with the Minister for Fisheries and Gazelle MP, Jelta Wong, Acting provincial administrator, Levi Mano, Acting Rabaul District Administrator, Freddy Lemeki and Acting Provincial Police Commander Januarus Vosivai met with the Rabaul Business community on Monday afternoon (October 30) at Rabaul Hotel to discuss the way forward.

Governor Marum provided a brief of his immediate plans to restore and maintain the rule of law in Rabaul Town and called for their support to make his plans work.

He said a ‘Ranger’ type youth engagement program will see a total of 20 youths representing the affected wards will be identified with the assistance of the ward development committees, to assist the two security firms.

Members of the business community raised concerns on the need for police reform, action and complete reorganization was also discussed strongly by many speakers.

The leaders raised concern that law and order is a shared responsibility and not just the responsibility of police and courts.

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