West New Britain

Hoskins flights resumed

Flights between January 5th and 11th are for passengers already holding tickets. There are no restrictions on passengers travelling into Hoskins during this period.

“Passengers departing Hoskins will be required to undertake a rapid COVID test at the airport prior to the flight.  This takes 20-25 minutes for the result, so passengers are requested to arrive early,” said ANG.

“From 12th January to 21st January, as per instructions from the Controller, all passenger flights are then cancelled to and from Hoskins.

PX suspends Hoskins flights

As a precaution, Air Niugini has suspended this afternoon’s and tomorrow morning’s flights.

In a statement, the airline said: “A risk assessment will be carried out tomorrow, Thursday morning, to determine if flights shall resume or not.

“All passengers traveling to and from Hoskins are advised to call flight information number 327 3300 after 09:00 tomorrow morning to check on the status of the Hoskins flights.

Bialla bridges washed off

Three bridges have been washed off in the Biala LLG, cutting off road access to Kimbe town.   

On Saturday night, the third bridge got washed away, forcing people to resort to wet crossing.

Abel Taukuro told this newsroom from Biala that two bridges, in Soi and Kolai river, were washed away last Thursday.

On Saturday night, the bridge at Imule, that separates central and east Nakanai, also gave way to floods.

People are now doing wet crossing, while PMVs wait on either sides of the highway.


WNB steps up in TB response

The province recognises that the time has come for all government agencies from national, provincial and local level governments to take ownership and sustain the provincial TB program.

The governments of West New Britain Province admit it is everyone’s moral responsibility to control the disease now for a TB-free future.

All levels of government will stand together and demonstrate solidarity and commitment to work together towards this cause.

Flooding cuts off access into Kimbe

The temporary Bailey bridge that was set up was no match for the vicious strength of the river.

This part of the highway is at Ivule in Bialla, Talasea District of West New Britain Province.

It is the only highway that links Kimbe Town to Bialla Town.

It is not only important for the general public who travel to Kimbe to access most services but an important economic highway for oil palm company, Hargy Oil Palm Limited.

West New Britain Provincial Works manager, Aura Banka, says this is not the first time; Ivule has flooded and cut off road links before.

Talasea MP eyes transformation

Maneke said the satellite towns have been factored into the 5-year District Development Plan and will be implemented.

“The emphasis on the plan is to empower communities and oil palm growers and citizens in the province as a whole to be able to start their own Small and Medium Enterprises.”

He said for so long, the district has been a spectator in the development of services and it’s about time the district partakes in the economic benefits of agriculture, especially oil palm.

PNG Games: WNB set for gold

Host province West New Britain and East New Britain are the only two teams vying for the gold medal.

The first match was staged at the Hoskins Mini Stadium.

Team West New Britain showed no mercy as they ran rings around neighbouring province ENB to score 26 points to 7 in the first quarter.

Both teams showed determination but it was home side West New Britain that had the upper hand in defence, shutting down the ENB team.

The game ended with a huge win to Team WNB 101 to ENB 10 points

WNB looking forward to hosting Games

“I’m very glad to see that everything is in place for the Games. I’d like to thank the Governor of West New Britain and the host organising committee who have done so much for this very event.

“This is a very important occasion for the people of PNG, who will all be together in one place and the people of Talasea and West New Britain are there waiting and ready to welcome them.”

He added the province is excited about hosting one of the country’s biggest sporting events.

​Villagers start their own housing scheme

Vovosi village leaders have agreed to use their Lucas sawmill to cut and process timbers for the neighbouring villages after completing houses in their village.

Located about 5 kilometres from the nearest Hoskins station, Vovosi village is the only community in the Hoskins Local Level Government area that is yet to plant oil palm.

However, in spite of that, the villagers have come up with an initiative to make use of their timbers.

They have bought a used Lucas sawmill and decided to help build houses.

​New band aims to transform WNB

The band, Jabalt Shaikmah, is newly established and formed by musicians from West New Britain.

It boasts a mixture of experienced and upcoming musicians; creating a hub for all to learn from each other.

They share a bond that is thicker than blood itself, a team made of long term, closely knitted friends and family that goes way back.

The band consists of Taz, Mc Jays, Duku, Archie, Gideon Litom, Enoch, PeeJay, George Mageto, Isaac Marum (Jnr) and Micael Pengi.

Jabalt Shaikmah’s debut appearance was at Mosa Primary School last weekend.