West New Britain

K70, 400 Worth Of Marijuana Seized

The four suspects include three men, Junior Issack Mango, Jimmy Lebut, Junior Mango and a woman, Francisca Damien.

The men were alleged for being in possession of the drugs while the woman suspect was alleged as the drug dealer.

Police found 1,408 marijuana packets worth K50 each totaling K70, 400. The first bag found contained 1008 packets of marijuana weighing 12kg, two bags containing 200 packs each and 2 marijuana clamps.

Maneke Declared For Nakanai Open

He was declared with 20, 156 votes exceeding the absolute majority of 17, 920 after the 16th exclusion.

Progressive results after 16th Exclusion are as follows with PFP candidate Nixon Paiaki Volele eliminated with a remaining tally of 12,684 votes.

1. Francis Galia Maneke – PANGU - 20,156

2. Francis Marus - PNC - 15,681

Absolute Majority - 17, 920

RO Sympathises With Candidate’s Death

“An intending candidate for Kandrian Gloucester, Mr. Stanis Maela was found to be unwell before the start of nominations. He was a man who had the heart for his people of (Kandrian Gloucester) and therefore chose to stand in the elections this year on their behalf. Unfortunately, due to the height of his illness he was unable to continue his election journey and sadly passed on Saturday 17th July, 2022,” said Manasaplo.

“As a show of respect to this humble man, election officers held a moment of silence for three minutes before resuming counting on Tuesday.”

Preliminary Counts For Kandrian Inland

Top 5 for the Open Seat Kandrian Inland                 

1.     JOSPEH LELANG - 4,452

2.      PASCOE KASE - 540

3.      WALTER LUNGA - 130

4.      ALLAN POSAI - 122

5.      STANIS MAELA (late) – 116

First Top 5 for Regional Seat Kandrian Inland

1.       STANIS HOFFMAN - 2,225

2.       GARI L BAKI - 1,376

3.       MARK LEBONG - 1,000


5.       CHRIS N LAGISA – 308


WNB counting to start mid-week

Provincial Returning Officer Emily Kelton said Nakanai Open electorate has completed polling and will be the first to begin counting. 

"I'm allowing for Wednesday purposely to have the presiding officers to complete their journals and the reports and then we start counting on Wednesday 8am sharp and then continue on till complete. This will be followed by Talasea and then Kandrian Gloucester. The Provincial (seat) will be the last," said PRO Kelton.

WNB Counting Updates

The updated progressive results are as follows:


  1. Willie Edo (Liberal Party) – 3681
  2. Garry Baki (PNC) – 3440
  3. Sasindran Muthuvel (PANGU) – 2541
  4. Mark Lebong (NA) – 1026
  5. Rene Reimmann (Independent) – 502


WNB Counting Progress

He took an early lead with 3393 followed by PNC candidate, Francis Marus on 2086 and PNG Party candidate Joseph Taubasa Junior on third place with 936 votes.

In the Regional count after count 6, former top cop Gari Baki leads with 2751 votes, followed by Liberal party candidate Willie Edo on 2345 and third is sitting Governor, Sasindran Muthuvel with 1325 votes

After count six in the Talasea Open, Pangu Candidate John Tuka is on 1015, with People’s Party candidate Freddie Reu Kumai on second spot with 860 votes and ULP candidate Blaise Dau running on third with 540.

WNB Ballot Box Rumours Brushed Aside

Scrutineers of various candidates have been camping in front of the Kimbe Police Station where the ballot boxes are stored that were taken to the counting venue at the white house yesterday, 13th July.

However, Provincial Election Steering Committee Chairman, Robert Dau dismissed the scrutineers’ claims as just rumours.

WNB Closes In On Polling

Talasea LLG polling will be completed tomorrow, 11th July.

At Nalobu Ward 1 of Talasea LLG it was a hive of activities. There were long queues from both women and men while supporters of various candidates were sitting at their respective tents with market vendors in other tents.

But all was peaceful and orderly despite few hiccups with voters wanting answers regarding no names on the roll. The last day of polling for Hoskins LLG ended on Friday 8th July leaving Talasea LLG polling to be completed on Monday 11th July.

WNB Polling Day 4

Returning Officer Roland Popunurea said polling has been progressing well with the most common complaints being that of unregistered voters in the electoral roll.

Polling in Central Nakanai LLG went smoothly despite those that disapproved of not having the opportunity to vote.

In an interview on Thursday, Assistant Returning Officer, Apolosa Kwabu confirmed that Nakanai LLG had two teams who completed polling in a day.