West New Britain

Muthuvel Regains Governor’s Seat

Deputy Governor Joe Naipu announced that position was vacant following Maneke’s resignation effective yesterday, and called for nominations.

Mosa LLG President Dacca Wagai nominated Muthuvel and was seconded by Kandrian Coastal LLG President Allan Klosio. All Assembly members voted in favour of the nomination and Naipu announced Muthuvel as governor.

The regional MP was then sworn in, the presence of the provincial assembly, public servants, LLG representatives and Maneke.

Chinese detained for overstaying visa

He was recently identified by Immigration officers during a weeklong spot check operation in the province, and airlifted to Port Moresby. He has been detained at the Bomana Immigration Centre. 

The man from China, is married to a local woman. He overstayed his work and entry permits by three (3) years. He was caught working as a retail manager in a shopping centre in Kimbe town and was escorted by Immigration and Police officers to Port Moresby and detained at the Bomana Immigration Centre.

PM Visits Rural WNB

Flying in straight from Morobe Province on a chopper where he was attending a Wafi-Golpu landowners consultative meeting, the Prime Minister stopped on Maklos Island where he opened a five-in-one classroom.
He then stopped at Amulut where he was given an opportunity to see how the community was engaging in small business enterprises to get along in spite of the remoteness of the area.
The classrooms cost K100,000 and comes from the PSIP funding.

PM welcome continues

After visiting a remote area of Amulut in the Kandrian Gloucester District, the Prime Minister made his way to the provincial capital.

In Amulut, Marape was welcomed by Regional MP Sasindran Muthuvel, where he officiated at a classroom opening.

Governor Francis Maneke welcomed the Prime Minister on his arrival from Amulut, where they headed straight to a waiting crowd at Vogae Park.

Maneke applauded the Marape-led government for the various projects earmarked for the province.

He said, "Your visit marks a significant landmark for the people of WNB.”

WNB Leaders Want Additional Electorate

The Governor Francis, Galia Maneke and Regional MP, Sasindran Muthuvel said this should be done during this term of Parliament and the new electorate be called Nakanai Open, while Talasea Open retains its name.

Mr Maneke said a submission would be handed before Parliament during the August session.

Muthuvel also said the Electoral Boundaries Commission should formulate their recommendations on technical issues in line with the guidelines used.

These include population, geographical difficulties in terms of service delivery and density of growth.

Locals Bid For New District

The meeting held at the Muthuvel Stadium saw people from various sectors of the community who were very passionate to see the province get an additional electorate.

Though the province wanted three additional electorates, everyone agreed that the split of Talasea Open is of priority right now, due to its high population and geographical landmass. As this poses challenges and disparity in service delivery.

WNB evicts, repatriates settlers

The evictees have now been repatriated to their home provinces.

The first 97 people who had resided in Section 21 in the town area departed Kimbe on Monday night on MV Ialibu to Lae. They are from the Morobe and Highlands provinces.

The second group of 200 left Kimbe on Wednesday night onboard MV Momase and arrived in Wewak yesterday. They are all from East Sepik Province.

The repatriation began this week following a court order issued by the Bialla National Court on May 19 2021.

Hoskins flights resumed

Flights between January 5th and 11th are for passengers already holding tickets. There are no restrictions on passengers travelling into Hoskins during this period.

“Passengers departing Hoskins will be required to undertake a rapid COVID test at the airport prior to the flight.  This takes 20-25 minutes for the result, so passengers are requested to arrive early,” said ANG.

“From 12th January to 21st January, as per instructions from the Controller, all passenger flights are then cancelled to and from Hoskins.

PX suspends Hoskins flights

As a precaution, Air Niugini has suspended this afternoon’s and tomorrow morning’s flights.

In a statement, the airline said: “A risk assessment will be carried out tomorrow, Thursday morning, to determine if flights shall resume or not.

“All passengers traveling to and from Hoskins are advised to call flight information number 327 3300 after 09:00 tomorrow morning to check on the status of the Hoskins flights.

Bialla bridges washed off

Three bridges have been washed off in the Biala LLG, cutting off road access to Kimbe town.   

On Saturday night, the third bridge got washed away, forcing people to resort to wet crossing.

Abel Taukuro told this newsroom from Biala that two bridges, in Soi and Kolai river, were washed away last Thursday.

On Saturday night, the bridge at Imule, that separates central and east Nakanai, also gave way to floods.

People are now doing wet crossing, while PMVs wait on either sides of the highway.