West New Britain

Lakiemata Prison Receives Food

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel, accompanied by Provincial Administrator Leo Mapmani, personally visited Lakiemata, delivering the first truckload of rations valued at K20,000 for the inmates and Correctional Service staff.

Expressing gratitude, representatives from the Lakiemata prison extended their thanks to the Provincial Government for their generous support. They acknowledged the challenges faced by the prison and welcomed the essential donation that would alleviate the shortage of food.

Heavy Rains Create Mudflows In WNB

Mudslides at Noau Village have forced residents into care centres at Bakada, while Ubili Village residents seek refuge at Kabaya and Sovula Primary School.

There are urgent appeals for attention from the Provincial Disaster Committee (PDC) and the District Development Authority (DDA). Noau and Ulamona are now cut off from road links due to intense mudflow, raising concerns for residents and businesses alike. 

Message of hope and change

He is encouraging a spirit of hope and positivity, emphasizing the need for collective commitment to a peaceful and thriving province and nation.

Governor Muthuvel calls for unity in breaking free from the chains of violence, urging citizens to embrace change. In 2024, he envisions a society where the youth play a pivotal role in fostering a positive attitude, paving the way for a brighter future.

Lakiemata prison inmates raise concerns

Detainees seized this opportunity to raise certain issues they are faced with.

Detainee Paul Bob raised concerns of summary case files not being addressed by prison authorities and overcrowding calling on the MP to seek answers from concerned authorities.

Australia provides support to eruption-impacted communities

In response to Papua New Guinea's request for support and the priorities identified by the West New Britain Provincial Disaster Office, Australia deployed a Royal Australian Air Force C-130J Hercules aircraft to assist with the airlift of emergency relief supplies to West New Britain.

The eruption, which took place on November 20th, has affected more than 26,000 people in surrounding communities, with up to 9,000 of them internally displaced and residing in care centres in West New Britain and East New Britain provinces.

Promoting human resource through awards

Willie Douglas, owner of Tauvoria Ltd have been awarding top Grade eight students of schools with K500 cash in the Hoskins Local Level Government in Nakanai district.

Currently, 17 schools have benefitted from the award since 2018.

“I want to help the future human resource of Nakanai and also improve the academic performance in Hoskins LLG.

“Many elites of Nakanai have passed away and no replacements to take their place. Therefore I took up this initiative to help our students.”

Resilience Emerges Amidst Challenges

As incessant rains trigger mudflows in Noau village, displacing over 16,000 residents, another crisis brews among the oil palm block holders in Kabaiya and Soi.

A staggering 9,095 individuals find themselves unable to harvest their oil palm, pushing them to seek relief assistance. The plight of these small block owners compounds the total number of displaced and affected people to a harrowing 25,950.

13,000 displaced as relief efforts underway

Reports from the Provincial Disaster Committee indicate a critical need for water and food supplies among those affected. Acknowledging this urgency, Governor Sasindran Muthuvel has directed the dispatch of relief supplies starting today, in collaboration with New Britain Palm Oil Limited and Hargy Oil Palms Limited.

Mt Ulawun Still Active

This is as reported by the Volcanological Observatory Geohazards Management Division.

A substantial ash cloud, extending tens of kilometres northwest of the volcano, is presently primarily affecting areas over the sea. Throughout the reporting period, low roaring and booming noises persisted, and moderate to heavy ash fall occurred in downwind regions near the volcano.

Mt Ulawun erupts – seismicity remains high

A report from the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management states that originally the ash plume was blowing towards the west and northwest with ash fall affecting the Navo area. However, it has now shifted direction, impacting the Ulamona Mission area due to a change in wind direction. 

The maximum height of the ash plume remains a concern, posing potential risk to areas in the west to north-northwest direction.

Communities in these areas are experiencing moderate to high exposure to ash fall.