West New Britain

Planned protest on schedule

In a statement, the organisers assure the business community in Kimbe that the march will be peaceful.

Organiser Casper Reure thanked Governor Sasindran Muthuvel for welcoming them to stage the march. The governor also cautioned them to follow proper procedures.

Reure said the march will be cancelled if rumours of disorderly activities arise.

“I would like to assure the Provincial Government and all the business community that the march will be done peacefully and nothing will happen.”

Soccer teams honour big man

Bata's Memorial Cup has been held in past years in commemoration of the late Alois Bata, a landowner and community leader of Buluma village who passed away in 2008.

The games were usually held during the Independence anniversary period but because of the Provincial Games to be held this year it was moved to the New Year period.

Sponsored by Andrew Bata, a son of the late Alois, at a total cost of K7000, the prizes were allocated as follows: K2000 cash for 1st placing, K800 for 2nd placing and K500 for the 3rd placing.

Teams in this competition are as follows;

Give jobs to locals at Hoskins: Leader

From Galeoale village, Casper Gelu made this call after the opening of the facilities last Friday (Dec 11).

He said he feared that small contracts like cleaning or operating a kiosk at the terminal might be given to foreigners and “outsiders’’ while the local people would be left out.

PM opens new Hoskins airport

PM O’Neill made the comments when opening the new Hoskins Airport (Domestic) Terminal Building Project, West New Britain, that will now create new opportunities for travel and trade.

“The bridges that we are building, the airports that we are building, the roads that we are building, and the ports and wharves that we are building will enable our people to have a better standard of living,” PM O’Neill said.

“This infrastructure will create better opportunities so that our people can get a better income and live a better life.

WNB upcoming singer plans to release solo album

The title of the album is Trabel Fait and is being recorded and produced under Hotsprings Productions Studio (HPS) based in Kimbe, WNB Province.

The 24 year old whose parents are from Talasea and Hoskins in WNB discovered his talent and interest in music while in primary school where he played gigs with local bands in 2004-2005.

The idea of recording an album began in 2010 when he formed a band called Hauslines with four friends and was the lead vocalist.

Governor sponsors WNB touch team with 20 000

Touch rugby in West New Britain is popular with a good number of players making the national team for both men and women.

In presenting the money, Muthuvel said he is in close talks with the vice president of Corporate Touch Port Moresby, Dadi Toka Jr and Pilai Sports Director Martin Joffey who have agreed to work together to further develop the code in the province.

Muthuvel also donated balls to the 4 running touch rugby associations in the province - Admiralty, Batas, Gigo and Black Ants.

Hoskins to get bigger, fast Fokker planes

The F70 is making  its maiden flight to Hoskins this afternoon from the Jacksons International airport in Port Moresby.

It has been more than five years for turbo prop aircraft to fly into WNB and the F70 jet aircraft flight will be a bonus for WNB people,  giving Air Niugini customers jet comfort, speed and more seats between Port Moresby and Hoskins.

The F70 has advantages over the Q400 due to its long range capability where it can operate on  routes that F100 and Boeing fleets are too large to operate on.