Natural Disaster

Markham DDA yet to aid landslide survivors

A landslide occurred at Umbaku, in Leron-Wantoat, at 5am on Friday, December 29th, 2023, killing three people while a young man is still missing. An unconfirmed number of people were also injured.

Houses were destroyed, food and cash crop gardens buried and water sources contaminated. 

Officers from the Morobe Provincial Disaster Office provided K2,000 worth of food supplies and shelter to Matap on Wednesday, January 3rd, while the Markham District Development Authority is yet to visit the affected area. 

Resilience Emerges Amidst Challenges

As incessant rains trigger mudflows in Noau village, displacing over 16,000 residents, another crisis brews among the oil palm block holders in Kabaiya and Soi.

A staggering 9,095 individuals find themselves unable to harvest their oil palm, pushing them to seek relief assistance. The plight of these small block owners compounds the total number of displaced and affected people to a harrowing 25,950.

Gov’t extends support to quake victims

Prime Minister James Marape expressed his heartfelt sympathy and unwavering support for the people of Madang and neighbouring provinces severely impacted by the devastating 6.7 magnitude earthquake that struck on Saturday evening, October 7, 2023, with its epicentre located at Basamuk in the Rai Coast District.

In response to this tragic disaster, Prime Minister Marape has taken immediate action, swiftly mobilising relevant government departments and agencies to assess the extent of the damage and the number of individuals affected.

Quake knocks down homes, affects businesses

Most houses all over town also collapsed, most of them being semi-permanent.

Residents of the Wagol area in Madang felt the most of the impact with numerous houses down.

These are the people who work hard to clean Madang town, now in need they are calling on the Government for immediate assistance.

Morocco earthquake: Experts say powerful magnitude-6.8 quake 'not unexpected'

But that peace was shattered over the weekend, as it was hit by a devastating magnitude-6.8 earthquake.

How common are earthquakes in Morocco?
The powerful earthquake was caused by a collision between the African and Eurasian plates.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) said a quake with a magnitude higher than six has not been recorded within 500 kilometres of the site since its records began in 1900.

Disaster risk management signed

It was significant that the Madang Provincial Disaster Office with its partners launched the Madang Provincial Disaster Risk Management Strategy earlier in the year.

This plan comes in accordance with the requirements of the National Disaster Management Act 1984 under the authority of the Provincial Disaster Risk Management Committee.

This plan aims to create resilient communities when it comes to disasters, whether natural or manmade. It has come about through researches carried out by the Division of Emergency – Madang Provincial Administration in 1998-2018.

Magnitude-5.1 earthquake hits Indonesia

The US Geological Survey said the magnitude-5.1 earthquake hit residential areas in Jayapura, near Papua's northern coast and was centred at a depth of 22 kilometres.

Shallow quakes often cause more damage on the Earth's surface.

"The residents were really panicked. I was in a car, and I felt like the car's wheels were lifted up," said Tri Asih, a resident of Jayapura, Papua's capital.

Officials said four people who were inside a floating restaurant died when the quake caused it to collapse into the sea on Thursday.

Beyonce offers aid to Houston flood victims

"I remain in constant prayer for those affected and for the rescuers who have been so brave and determined to do so much to help," the star said.

She added that she was working with her charity and her pastor "to implement a plan to help".

Houston has been hit by unprecedented levels of rain, with more set to come.

Officials estimate that more than 30,000 residents need shelter. At least nine have died in the Houston area.

Other stars including Kim Kardashian West and Kevin Hart have also vowed to help.

Meet the storm chaser who gets a thrill from severe weather

"I was the kid that Mum used to yell out to get off the patio and stop sitting outside watching the lightning and the thunderstorms," he told ABC News Breakfast.

The freelance cameraman and passionate storm chaser has spent the last seven years chasing storms in Australia and travelling to the US to volunteer as a driver for tourist groups wanting to experience the same thrills.

Tornados are the big attraction in America and he's seen 63 in just the last few years. He also raced to meet Cyclone Yasi, which tore through Queensland in 2011.

Infrastructure concerns in Solomons after latest quakeInfrastructure concerns in Solomons after latest quake

Another powerful quake struck near Kirakira this morning - a 6.7 magnitude quake at a depth of 33km.

The undersea quake hit 71km west of the city of Kirakira, which is on the country's biggest island, Makira.

Director of the National Disaster Management Office Loti Yates said there was no tsunami threat from this morning's quake but he was expecting more reports of damage.

Mr Yates said multiple quakes of magnitude 5 and above have hampered relief operations still underway in the Makira area.