Sasindran Muthuvel

Muthuvel Regains Governor’s Seat

Deputy Governor Joe Naipu announced that position was vacant following Maneke’s resignation effective yesterday, and called for nominations.

Mosa LLG President Dacca Wagai nominated Muthuvel and was seconded by Kandrian Coastal LLG President Allan Klosio. All Assembly members voted in favour of the nomination and Naipu announced Muthuvel as governor.

The regional MP was then sworn in, the presence of the provincial assembly, public servants, LLG representatives and Maneke.

Hospital delays

Muthuvel clarified that the NEC has approved the funding for the hospitals in 2020 but work to commence has been delayed.

Muthuvel said, “Mi laik save lo status blo displa tripla hospital na where emi stap. Mr Treasurer em aware lo displa loan terms and conditions. What is the delay?”

Treasurer Ian Ling-stuckey replied he will give a detailed response to the Regional MP.

“I’ll ask him to put it fully on paper and I’ll respond to him in full detail, of the situation of the warranty and availability of cash,” said Ling-Stuckey.

Airline operators directed to resume flights to WNB

The Controller of the PNG COVID-19 National Pandemic Response David Manning issued this new directive on Saturday.

All persons in West New Britain Province who are currently out of the province are allowed to return to the province within the next five days beginning Saturday January 2, 2021.

The Controller of the PNG COVID-19 National Pandemic Response David Manning issued this new directive on Saturday.

Similarly, those from other provinces currently in the West New Britain have five days to arrange for their travel home.

Muthuvel disappointed with 14-days lockdown

Muthuvel said they were caught off-guard and argued that the provincial leaders including other stakeholders were not consulted on the lockdown.

He added that the people who will be affected are those on holidays and students returning for 2021 school year. 

Muthuvel explains move to Opposition

Among them was West New Britain Regional Member, Sasindran Muthuvel. The former Minister for State Enterprises, in a statement, said he made a considered and decisive move.

WNB leaders visit district

Governor Francis Maneke and Sate owned Enterprise Minister, Sasindran Muthuvel presented the boat to the people.

Located outside of Ulamona village is Lolobao island with a population of more than a thousand people.

The islanders always encounter evacuation challenges every time Mt Ulawun spews or erupts.

The presentation of a new boat by the Talasea District Development Authority will be more than helpful in their time of need.

Meeting on SOE reform

Minister Muthuvel said the reforms, part of the Marape Government’s Take Back PNG agenda, were progressing well, and gathering pace.

“The high-level Ministerial Committee and Technical Working Group, established after NEC agreed on SOE reform, has met a number of times,” he said. “There is strong support and assistance for the reforms I have initiated from Prime Minister James Marape and our fellow Ministers.”

No clarity on rural electrification project

Minister Muthuvel was responding to questions raised by Pomio MP Elias Kapavore.

He clarified that the World bank is yet to come up with a master plan on the roll out of the rural electrification program in the country.

Minister Muthuvel said the master plan will enable state owned agencies to implement the program successfully.

Muthuvel added that the Government is also working on a medium term to roll out the electrification program in all districts.

He said the Government is committed in implementing this program.

ANG taking steps to protect country: Minister

“The airline has instituted a wide range of measures to minimise the risk to the nation, and is constantly monitoring international developments to make sure its precautions are up to date and effective,” he said.

“The Ministry of State Enterprises, Kumul Consolidated Holdings and Air Niugini are liaising with other departments and agencies in the Marape Government’s fight against coronavirus (the key agency is the National Department of Health). This is a whole-of-Government exercise, and we are sparing no effort or expense to ensure the safety of Papua New Guineans.”

Over K500,000 for Australian bushfire relief

The money was presented recently to the State Enterprise Minister, Sasindran Muthuvel, at a ceremony at the peak SOE, Kumul Consolidated Holdings Ltd.

KCH’s acting managing director, Parkop Kurua, who presented the cheque, said Papua New Guineans were very happy to be able to reciprocate the generosity that Australians have shown to them over the years.

“We have seen the personal, environmental and economic devastation that has been caused by the bushfires, and we understand the pain and loss that Australians are feeling,” he said.