Heavy Rains Create Mudflows In WNB

West New Britain faces a critical situation as continuous heavy rains lead to mudflows, disrupting normal traffic flow along the New Britain Highway.

Mudslides at Noau Village have forced residents into care centres at Bakada, while Ubili Village residents seek refuge at Kabaya and Sovula Primary School.

There are urgent appeals for attention from the Provincial Disaster Committee (PDC) and the District Development Authority (DDA). Noau and Ulamona are now cut off from road links due to intense mudflow, raising concerns for residents and businesses alike. 

Community members demand the allocated K10 million from the National Executive Council to be utilized for hiring excavators and bulldozers. The funds should address critical maintenance on roads and infrastructure to safeguard affected communities in Noau and Ulamona.

Ubili Village experienced devastating mudflows with houses collapsing due to continuous rainfall.

The mudflow intensified since the eruption in 2019, has caused significant damage to approximately 80 houses built by the Catholic Church. Images reveal the severity of the situation, with logs and debris posing additional threats to the village.

Acting Director of Provincial Disaster and Emergency Response, Clement Bailey, advised residents in low-lying areas and waterways to move to higher ground. Weather reports indicate the possibility of continued rain for another seven days, accompanied by strong winds and gales in coastal provinces. 

Disaster officers will assess the areas affected by mudflows in Noau and Ubili villages to determine necessary actions.

The people of West New Britain are anxiously awaiting responses from relevant authorities to mitigate further damage and ensure the safety of affected communities.

Loop Author