NCD Police

NCD police get support from Theodist

The assistance shown by Theodist Limited will go a long way in Policing includes recording crimes using specific forms to avoid cases being thrown out by the courts; a challenge police officers face in the country is with stationary supplies, even for police in NCD.

On Tuesday the Stationary supermarket, made a donation of 240 boxes of A4 papers, enough for all 11 stations in NCD.

More needs to be done

According to the NCD police boss, Perou N’Dranou ironically crimes like these three are happening within the community hence most times perpetrators are known to the community.

He urged the parents and guardians of children to be more vigilant.

Last week there were 12 incidents of sexual crimes and N’Dranou says that the trend has been continuing to increase since last year given the lack of action by parents or the community.

“We need to do more to prevent that. Many times sexual crimes offenses are created by people that know the victims.


Police warned of illegal activities

This warning comes after a probationary constable was arrested in March for official corruption in releasing suspects from Gordons police cells.

The cop identified as 27 year old, Jonathan Kari from Western Highlands was charged with official corruption after investigations found that he released the two suspects from the cells after they had given him money.

Meantime, on the 3rd of July he was found guilty and sentenced to four years hard labour in prison.

Weekly crime stats for NCD

This was conveyed in a media briefing by the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent who commended his officer on the recovery of the vehicles.

According to police, statistics of last week’s major incidents report include four cases of sexual offense;


New Badili police boss

Senior sergeant, Bill Werake was officially acknowledged by Member for Moresby South and APEC Minister, Justin Tkatchenko and time-honoured by officers of the Badili Police station in a parade.

In his remarks, PSC Werake said addressing law and order in Moresby South is something that Badili police cannot do on its own hence he called on the support from all stakeholders.

He said in order to maintain peace, causes need to identified and eradicated from its roots so this can create an environment conducive for residents and businesses.

Police warn residents this Easter

Superintendent for Operations, Michael Tilae reiterated this message warning residents and vehicle owners to be security conscious and take on the safe driving concept to avoid causing silly incidents during the long Easter weekend.

Tilae said although they are expecting a quiet Easter break for all public servants in the city, police personnel will be on high alert for deterrence if need be.

Cops allowed K1000 bail

Chris Wasa, Samuel Ambo, Joshua Pujo, Jack Aino, David Moses, Henry Miri, Asi Rody and Oroha Aroma were allowed bail on Tuesday.

The seven were on official duty, investigating a break and enter incident at Waigani on February 3, when they apprehended the suspect, now deceased, whose death is the subject of the offense they are alleged to have committed.

The 40 year old was apprehended at the Kone Tigers oval the same day between 4-5pm.

Flyover area to be monitored

However, illegal vending and the use of the area underneath the flyover have given rise to criminal and other illegal activities.

The National Capital District Commission says the area under the flyover is now out of bound and penalties will be imposed to intruders.

NCDC Regulatory Services and City Manager Bernard Kipit say effective as of March 22nd, all vending and commuting under the area beneath the Kumul Flyover must be stopped.

Pom crime rate drops

The Met Sup said no major crimes were reported in the week ending February to date.

From last week, he said;

There were 7 motor vehicle thefts, usually 10-11 are reported in a week.

  • 4 minor armed robberies
  • 3 break and enter stealing
  • 2 fraud related offences reported
  • 3 sexual offences

"It's steady, less from the previous months," he said.

He has attributed this to police working tirelessly as well as the support from the units in APEC program.

Much of this is from more police presence on the streets.


Dog unit banned in city

This directive comes from the office of the NCD Metropolitan superintendent, Perou N'Dranou, following reports of police harassment in the last two weeks.

The harassment were mostly related to vending in public places.

The main push factor for this ban was an incident last Wednesday when a unit chasing vendors at the Hohola market, shot teargas into the air to disperse the crowd. But this was meters from the nearby Sacred Heart primary school which saw a few students injured and rushed to the hospital.