NCD Police

Sika emphasises on police parades

According to Metsupt Sika the visits to all the police stations were to see how the police officers are doing their job at their respective police stations throughout NCD. He also took stock of their manpower and logistics.

With Police Commissioner David Manning`s Directive to weed out undisciplined officers in the Police Department, Metsupt Sika stressed this during his visits, including hosting parades so they are reminded of their policing duties.

Passengers saved in H’way accident

Acting Provincial Police Commander, Senior Inspector Patterson Birigi said the accident happened between 11 and 11.45 pm and the police officers were notified and responded to the scene to make sure the passengers and the vehicles were safe.

According to the police brief, the vehicles involved in the accident were traveling from two different directions, one was traveling into Port Moresby from Kerema while the other PMV was travelling out of Port Moresby when they collided.

Dr. Kwa refused bail

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Chief Inspector Silva Sika said police refused to grant a police bail, as the alleged crime he had committed was serious in nature. 

Dr. Kwa was charged under the Criminal Code Act (section 328) for dangerous driving causing death. 

MetSup Sika said" no one is above the law and therefore due processes must be followed”. 
It is alleged that on October 17th 2022, Dr. Kwa was involved in road accident along the Hiritano Highway in which a woman tragically died from injuries she sustained from the accident. 

Agencies urged to help police

National Capital District and Central Province Police Commander Anthony Wagambie Jr stated that agencies must step in and assist police in their various capacities to cut down on law and order issues, overcrowding and traffic issues. 

He said agencies such as Road Traffic Authority must make sure that taxi services in the city are regulated. Stating that there were many taxies at the bus stops blocking way for the buses. 
Wagambie Jr also urged the Department of Community Development to find ways to help those children roaming the streets instead of going to school.

Police impersonators arrested

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for NCD and Central command, Anthony Wagambie Jr confirmed that the three police impersonators were arrested, charged and will appear in court.

He said the impersonators were apprehended at three different locations in the city. One was arrested by Badidli police officers after receiving information that the man was with two other police officers from Central driving around in a police vehicle.

Police challenged to transform city

While speaking to the officers at Gordon Police station during a parade this morning, he told officers that the police force had a big task ahead.

Metsupt. Sika said the people's mindset have to be transformed, “People coming into the city must not bring their way of living from their villages into the city.”

He told officers that the ball game was in their court to implement the laws that are in place to keep the city clean and safe.

Students mostly among drug dealers

As per police reports, the hotspot areas where drug offenders are apprehended are at bus stops, betelnut markets and in the settlements.

The records also stated that within a week, more than five people are arrested for drug-related offenses such as consuming, selling, and having in their possession marijuana. 

Those that are arrested are brought to the police stations where they are interrogated and charged accordingly.

Stolen vehicles recovered

Police reported that they were recovered on the same day and in good condition. Police patrol units recovered one at Gerehu and the other at Konebodu.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika also urged the public to be more security conscious when moving about the city. 

"Sooner there will be a technology that will be established in the entire city that will enhance police performance. Otherwise I take my hat for every individual member for the resilience in this critical time," Sika said. 

Pari roadblock cleared

The person who was accused of committing the crime was arrested and detained at 6 Mile police station.

Police officers also explained to the local villagers that the suspect will be interviewed and asked that they allow the traveling public to use the road freely. 

The person who led the mob that set up the roadblock was also arrested and detained, while the others were sternly warned not to take the law into their own hands. 

Police presence maintained at hotspots

The police commanders from the three zones in NCD reported no major incidents this week due to police presence in hotspot areas within the city.

According to NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika, the city was quiet on Wednesday 25th January 2023, during the heavy downpour, where there were reports of flood along the road.

He said Erima, Waigani, Hohola were flooded and police officers were present and kept opportunists away from the traveling public.