Simon Calls for Peace

The executive was driving back to Maprik when he was held up and met his fate. In retaliation, the family of the deceased burnt down the village of the suspects involved in the killing. 

Two more people were killed in related violence. Government facilities are at risk with the health center being burnt down.

Simon is urging the police to act promptly and take this matter under control before it gets out of end. 

He also called for the two factions not to take law into their own hands but allow the police to deal with the issue. 

Governor Marum address Rabaul unrest

The town, in the past four weeks has experienced a spate of law and order issues resulting in loss of business, schools and key institutions such as health and banking services affected, a number of families losing homes and damaged properties.

The two security firms- Black Fox Security Services and NKCL Security will help the police and focus on keeping the access road from Rapolo junction to Rabaul Town patrolled and free of loitering groups harassing travelers.

Security Forum calls for peace in Porgera

Prime Minister James Marape and Minister for Mining Sir Ano Pala participated in the forum.

The Security Forum allowed leaders to address escalating law and order issues, and restore peace and order in the Porgera Valley.

The event also allowed leaders and security forces to appeal to warring tribes around the mine area, to stop the fighting as it continues to affect mine operations, businesses and the general livelihood of people.

Prime Minister James Marape said the National Government is working towards reopening the mine this September.

EHP leadership commended

PM Marape expressed his appreciation for Governor Sia's remarkable achievements at during the launch of the Lufa District Five-Year Development Plan 2023-2027 at rural Lufa Station, on Tuesday, June 20, 2023.

Among his notable accomplishments is the successful consolidation of all Eastern Highlands MPs, which had never been accomplished before, in a collaborative effort for the betterment of the province.

Eastern Highlands MPs now convene regular meetings to address significant challenges facing the province, overcoming political differences that once hindered progress.

Support for Guala

Most of the local population live in rural areas and face challenges related to accessing basic services such as healthcare. Accessing basic services is at times hindered by violence and tribal fighting in local communities.

Through working in partnership with the Hela Provincial Government, United Nations agencies, and partners, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is promoting peace and development in the Guala community in Hela Province.

Peace training for Hela, SHP

This will be made possible after they took part in a training run by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and funded by UN’s Peacebuilding Fund.

IOM delivered the 5-day training on Community Peace and Development Planning (CPDP) to Community Facilitation Teams (CFTs) from Guala, Kikita and Tigibi in Hela Province, and Munihu, Pambel, Magi and Yame in Southern Highlands Province.

The Training for Transformation methodology is part of the UN’s broader Highlands Joint Program that is contributing towards creating conditions for peace in the Highlands. 


Warring clans attend workshop

Restoring peace and stability is important for setting a solid foundation for recovery and reconstruction.

The leadership of two previously warring clans from Hela Province recommitted to renouncing violence at a law and order workshop in the Fugwa Basin area, boosting hopes a peace settlement negotiated in April will hold.

The leaders were among 32 people attending a three-day workshop at Fugwa Primary School that provided information on law and justice agencies, family and sexual violence, juvenile justice, illicit drugs and tribal fighting.

Mahuru clash: Community elder wants peace to prevail

The clash took place at Mahuru Village between the villagers and settlers from Sabama, which resulted in the death of a man from the Kepiki tribe in Ialibu, Southern Highlands Province.

Elder Thomas Warua, a relative of the deceased, said with the peace mediation process underway, both parties must refrain from causing any more trouble as police investigation over the death continues. 

Warua assured the people of Mahuru that they are not the type to retaliate as Southern Highlanders are peaceful people.

Elections important for Bougainville

This is from an independent observation from an ex-combatant Ben Kamda, the former Rebel operations planner during the Crisis.

“Right now the election fever is so high and Bougainvilleans will be very careful in choosing candidates,” Kamda said.

“They will mostly be choosing candidates that are serious about Bougainville’s cause and the region’s political future.

World Bank features PNG in short film

The series of films titled ‘The Price of Conflict, The Prospect of Peace,’ features ARoB, among two other communities in the Solomon islands and in the Philippines, affected by conflict.

The films aim to highlight how conflict continues to exact a heavy toll long after bloodshed and turmoil.

In ARoB, the film features women from rival communities torn apart by ethnic conflict, coming together to help halt the violence.