Mahuru clash: Community elder wants peace to prevail

A community elder from Gabutu in Port Moresby has called on both parties involved in the Mahuru clash two weeks ago to let peace prevail.

The clash took place at Mahuru Village between the villagers and settlers from Sabama, which resulted in the death of a man from the Kepiki tribe in Ialibu, Southern Highlands Province.

Elder Thomas Warua, a relative of the deceased, said with the peace mediation process underway, both parties must refrain from causing any more trouble as police investigation over the death continues. 

Warua assured the people of Mahuru that they are not the type to retaliate as Southern Highlanders are peaceful people.

“We already have a process going through for peace and we’d like this issue to be concluded.

“We can give the assurance to the people of Mahuru that we will not harass them so they can move around freely,” Warua said.

Warua also appealed to the community at Sabama to refrain from harassing the Mahuru people and vice versa, and the men and youths must have respect for the women and children.

“There must be no harassment, intimidation by the Sabama community and likewise the Mahuru community must also respect each other.

“What has happened must now be left in the past and we need to look forward to the peace dialogue already happening.”

The relatives of the deceased have demanded for funeral and body repatriation costs of K52,000, to be met by the Mahuru villagers as soon as possible.

They also demand compensation for the loss of life and a compensation date is yet to be confirmed.

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