Bougainville Crisis

Missing Persons Monument unveiled

The families of missing persons often speak of the challenge of living with ‘not knowing’ what has happened, what the future holds or where to turn to for help. 

Misconceptions also exist about who went missing and why they are missing. Families report that the community and service providers sometimes misunderstood them. This is traumatic and sometimes goes unresolved. 

Elections important for Bougainville

This is from an independent observation from an ex-combatant Ben Kamda, the former Rebel operations planner during the Crisis.

“Right now the election fever is so high and Bougainvilleans will be very careful in choosing candidates,” Kamda said.

“They will mostly be choosing candidates that are serious about Bougainville’s cause and the region’s political future.

Promise to clear up B’ville crisis mess

This is from former member for Hagogohe constituency and the newly installed Secretary for Veterans Affairs on Bougainville, Peter Sohia.

Sohia was responding to a question asked by central Bougainville women’s representative in the ABG, Marceline Kokiai.

The women’s member asked for weapons disposal and if ordinances like booby traps being left by the army will be removed.