World Bank features PNG in short film

A new World Bank virtual reality film series focusing on communities rebuilding their lives is featuring the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ARoB) as one of its case studies.

The series of films titled ‘The Price of Conflict, The Prospect of Peace,’ features ARoB, among two other communities in the Solomon islands and in the Philippines, affected by conflict.

The films aim to highlight how conflict continues to exact a heavy toll long after bloodshed and turmoil.

In ARoB, the film features women from rival communities torn apart by ethnic conflict, coming together to help halt the violence.

According to the World Bank the films demonstration how the communities move past the causes of conflict to rebuild lives and communities, and inspire stories of courage in the face of constant hardship and hope in the face of overwhelming despair.

The film can be viewed online in virtual reality through the following link:

Cedric Patjole