Member for Maprik

Simon Calls for Peace

The executive was driving back to Maprik when he was held up and met his fate. In retaliation, the family of the deceased burnt down the village of the suspects involved in the killing. 

Two more people were killed in related violence. Government facilities are at risk with the health center being burnt down.

Simon is urging the police to act promptly and take this matter under control before it gets out of end. 

He also called for the two factions not to take law into their own hands but allow the police to deal with the issue. 

Late Maprik MP remembered

Described as a humble yet determined leader, Kapris was the sitting member for Maprik open until his untimely passing on August 13, 2023.

Kapris was first elected to the National Parliament in 2002, re-elected in 2007 and lost his seat to John Simon in 2012.

During this time as a member of parliament, he was caretaker Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Minister for Defence, Forest as well as Minister for Housing and Minister for Works.

Maprik hospital renovation slow: MP

In 2014, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill visited Maprik district with a promise to allocate monies to refurbish the hospital.

About K18 million was first allocated for the refurbishment. Stakeholders, including the district and the government, had allocated K9 million each for the project.

Four years later, Member for Maprik, John Simon, says the pace is not satisfying.

Simon had recently visited the site and despite a few hurdles, he says work needs to go on.

Community challenged by MP

This concern was recently raised by a member of the district management team Tobias Kwelik.

Kwelik highlighted that most of the businesses especially local shops were now owned and operated by Asians who are creating barriers in opportunities for locals.

He said locals are willing and ready to do business however they are closed off by these foreigners.

He also raised the issue of Asians taking money from the locals without banking or contributing to the community.

He demanded that the district look into this matter seriously.

Police station commander needed: MP

This concern was raised by the Member for Maprik, John Simon, regarding the police station commander vacancy at Maprik Town police station.

Simon said Maprik police station has had no permanent PSC since the passing of the former commander.

He noted that the post has been acted upon by acting PSCs however, this needs to be changed immediately.

One of the major reasons behind his concern was that police in the district are too relaxed and there is no proper policing in the town as well as the district.

Maprik sets goals

This was pointed out by Member for Maprik, John Simon, in the District Management Team meeting on Wednesday.

The MP stated that the district has set its goals under his leadership, with nine major agendas, including education and economic boost.

He said Maprik is a district that is well endowed in terms of income generating avenues such as agriculture and livestock, however this has not been utilised.

Education, he reiterated is seen as one of the platforms that will bring the much needed development to the district.

Maprik MP concerned over DSIP allocation

John Simon says the closing date of accounts is nearing fast and yet, he and other members of the Opposition have not received their fair share of the DSIP funds.

The member described this as an unfair distribution of wealth which should not be practiced.

Simon lashed out at the government, stating the DSIP is not for the member or the district alone but it is rightfully for the people.

Meantime, the Member states that the government should change the name of DSIP funds to something more suitable to the current state of affairs.