Peace training for Hela, SHP

Members of the conflict-affected communities in Hela and Southern Highlands provinces will now be able to facilitate peace and development in their communities.

This will be made possible after they took part in a training run by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and funded by UN’s Peacebuilding Fund.

IOM delivered the 5-day training on Community Peace and Development Planning (CPDP) to Community Facilitation Teams (CFTs) from Guala, Kikita and Tigibi in Hela Province, and Munihu, Pambel, Magi and Yame in Southern Highlands Province.

The Training for Transformation methodology is part of the UN’s broader Highlands Joint Program that is contributing towards creating conditions for peace in the Highlands. 

The 36 participants included representatives from the provincial, district and local level government from Hela and Southern Highlands.

Speaking at the training venue in Mendi, Deputy Advisor for Community Development in Southern Highlands Provincial Government, Paul Yakira, said he was impressed to see changes in the mindset of the people in communities where the IOM worked.

“I see the people volunteering and working together to sustain peace and develop their communities,” he added. 

The CFTs, with technical support of IOM and provincial, district and local level government, will work with members of their communities to draft, finalise and launch their Community Peace for Development Plans (CPDPs).

The plans will incorporate the needs, vulnerabilities, priorities and aspirations of each community to proactively maintain peace and community stability, taking into account the national and international plans and priorities, including the Sustainable Development Goals.

The CPDPs will include community development initiatives that will be operational with the support of IOM and partner agencies or other stakeholders. 

Press release