Porgera mine

Violence will not be tolerated: Manning

Manning said this after security personnel responded to a series of critical situations since Tuesday 18th of June, resulting in some criminals succumbing to wounds as a result of intergroup fighting violent confrontations on private land.

"Those killed or injured during confrontations with security personnel, and amongst themselves, are common criminals that have come from other areas attempting to steal gold from the mine and are fighting enemy clans.

State team distributes draft CDA

The draft CDA document contains the various landowner and stakeholder benefits that are expected out of the new Porgera Mine. The expected benefits from the State and New Porgera Limited (NPL) include royalties, equity, Infrastructure Development Grants (IDG), Special Support Grants (SSG) and business spin-off opportunities among others.

NPL outlines ownership plan for Hides Power Station

New Porgera Limited (NPL) in a statement clarified certain matters regarding the ownership of this facility which provides power to the Porgera mine.

Porgera CDA launched

The CDA process will begin today, May 20 in Wabag, and negotiations will take two to three weeks. The CDA is a process where landowners and stakeholders of mining projects in the country, negotiate benefits deriving from their respective projects, in this case from the Porgera Project.

48 hours notice to Porgera squatters

Police Commissioner David Manning said the illegal squatters have no connection with the land they have been occupying and have exploited the previous closure of the mine to illegally damage property, commit criminal offences, and threaten peace and good order across the Porgera Valley.

 “Following consultation with stakeholders, including the Porgera Valley community, provincial and district administration, private business, and the National Government agencies, police have no other option but to remove the illegal squatters who are threatening peace and good order.

Military call out to Porgera

Marape announced this through a media statement Wednesday evening.

“This is in response to incursions by illegal miners into the SML area,” he said.

In highlighting the gravity of the situation, he stated:

“This endangers both the lives of illegal miners as well as the mine workers. Last week has seen an extraordinary increase of illegal miners encroaching into the mine area and uncontrolled movement of people amidst many tribal disputes.”

Marape said the decision for a military-police call out stems from a cabinet meeting today.

Porgera benefit-sharing terms transparent

NPL in a media statement said the benefit-sharing terms agreed between the State, Barrick Niugini Limited (BNL), Kumul Mineral Holdings Limited (KMHL) and Mineral Resources Enga (MRE) to restart the mine, ensure a transparent and fair distribution of the overall economic benefits that will be generated by Porgera over its 20-year mine life.  

Porgera Restart On Track

This is subject to several good outcomes and also the Highlands Highway continues to remain open and no further vandalism of project infrastructure. 

Following completion under the Porgera Project Commencement Agreement (PPCA) on 22 December 2023, the NPL team has stepped up and delivered outstandingly towards getting back into full production in Q3 as required by the PPCA.  The critical path to full production is re-standing or replacing relevant towers along the Hides Transmission Line.

Minister Dilu outlines priorities

The minister outlined his priorities at the hand-over-take-over ceremony of the Mining Ministry between him and his predecessor, Sir Ano Pala.

Dilu said other priorities were:

1.  To explore more opportunities for downstream processing of the country’s mineral resources, such as the recent agreement between Kumul Mineral Holdings Limited (KMHL) and Ramu Nickel Mine.

2. Ensure review of the Mining Act 1992 is progressed.

3. Ensure that the consent compensation agreement for Porgera is successfully concluded so that production can commence.

Dr. Billy hails PM Marape on reopening of Porgera

Deputy Leader of Social Democratic Party and member for Nipa Kutubu, Dr. Billy Joseph said the opening of the Porgera mine is expected to have a significant impact on the PNG economy.

“As the Marape Rosso government has emphasized, there might be short-term pain, but there will be long-term gain.

“The opening of the Porgera mine is expected to create employment opportunities, generate revenues for the government, and boost economic growth.