Porgera mine

New Porgera Ltd gets environment permit

The Permit known as WE-L3 (923) EP-L3 (923) was previously held by the former operator BNL as WE- L3 (91) and WD- L3 (121).

The transfer of the permit was officiated by the Prime Minister James Marape and the Minister for Environment & Conservation Simo Kilepa, signifying the importance of benefit sharing, compensation covering environmental damages affected communities, and a step closer to the reopening of the mine.

PM apologises for mine closure

Speaking during the Security Forum in Paiam town, PM Marape called for a stop to tribal fights; to drop the guns and pick up business opportunities when the mine reopens. He appealed to communities to work with the security forces and maintain law and order.

Security Forum calls for peace in Porgera

Prime Minister James Marape and Minister for Mining Sir Ano Pala participated in the forum.

The Security Forum allowed leaders to address escalating law and order issues, and restore peace and order in the Porgera Valley.

The event also allowed leaders and security forces to appeal to warring tribes around the mine area, to stop the fighting as it continues to affect mine operations, businesses and the general livelihood of people.

Prime Minister James Marape said the National Government is working towards reopening the mine this September.

SML application lodged for Porgera mine restart

The lodgment of the SML application is a step closer to reopening of the Porgera Mine in Enga Province.

Chairman of Kumul Minerals Holdings and Director of New Porgera Limited, Dr IIa Temu, hailed the lodgment of the application by NPL as a significant step towards the restart of the mine.

Opposition raises concern on tax liability on Porgera

Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Joseph Lelang, made this comment in response to the National Executive Council (NEC) appointment of a panel of three independent experts to review a tax dispute between the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) and Barrick Niugini Ltd (BNL).

Lelang said if there was a dispute between the IRC and Barrick, there are appropriate forums under the law for dispute resolutions.

This new panel of experts, he said is a waste of resources and time and has no legal standing at all to resolve any dispute.

Panel established to review tax dispute

NEC noted the progress of the activities required to reopen the Porgera Gold Mine and was concerned that the tax matter was prolonged.

While it continues to observe the independence of the internal revenue commission, it availed itself of the opportunity to be advised independently of the issues surrounding the taxation dispute.

Porgera Restart On Hold

Before his visit to Porgera, Mr Bristow expressed deep disappointment at the current conflict in Porgera Valley and elsewhere in Enga Province.

This has led to numerous deaths, assaults on Porgera residents, including women and children, the burning of houses and businesses, and the closure of critical government services such as the Paiam Hospital and Porgera Secondary school.

Barrick Gold Team In PNG

They will be in Papua New Guinea from 12th-15th of October and Dr Bristow is expected to meet with Prime Minister James Marape and senior PNG Government officials during his visit. 

While the Porgera Mine is presently under care and maintenance, negotiations for the re-commencement of mining at Porgera continues, in line with the terms of the Framework Agreement signed between Barrick and the State in April, 2021.

PNGEITI praises open dialogue

Parties in April this year sanctioned a “Framework Agreement for the New Porgera Project” which spells out the roadmap to reopen the mine.

Mark Bristow, CEO and President of Barrick Gold, last week explained key elements of “the framework at a public forum at the Piam Oval in Porgera, witnessed by Prime Minister James Marape, landowners and other leaders.

World will not end if mine closes, says PM

Posting on his Facebook wall, Marape asked all Papua New Guineans to bear with him as the government works through the transitional period of the Enga Province mine.

“Short term pain for long term gain; don’t be crybabies and pessimists,” the PM said.