Hela Province

No warlords, just criminals

Mul-Baiyer Member, Jacob Maki, in the Parliament Sitting on Tuesday 14 March, posed questions to Minister for Internal Security responsible for the Royal PNG Constabulary and PNG Correctional Service, Peter Tsiamalili Jnr, regarding the most recent killing and the abduction and rape of a young woman.

“There are warlords in Hela Province holding hostages in captivity and demanding ransom, young girl being taken hostage and repeatedly being raped by criminals going viral on social media and creating fear among citizens of this beautiful nation.

Warring tribes bury hatchet

Both parties have now agreed to make peace after local MP William Bando intervened and appealed for a stop fight.

Besides that, Bando asked the warring clans not to destroy state properties.

The MP who had been in constant communication with the warring factions, mobilised neutral community leaders, members of the security forces (PNGDF and Police), and church members just before Christmas eve, and they travelled to Fugwa to talk with the warring faction.

Bando was touched by the call of desperation from mothers and children, who feared being attacked.

Improving Psychosocial Support For Hela Province

The provision of quality mental health services is a growing concern for service providers, who see addressing mental health as key to breaking cycles of violence in the province.

“Here at Koroba LEP Centre, we see women, men, boys and girls, displaced by tribal violence,” shares Alice Bibe, Coordinator of the Koroba LEP Centre in Hela Province.

“And they bring their troubles and concerns with them,” adds Bibe.

“During, and following conflict, people are living with a lot of trauma,” said Mapera Angu, Project Coordinator for the Melanesian Institute.

Tindipu Declared Komo Hulia MP

The new member elect Daniel Tindipu was declared with 11,232 votes. This brings the number of Pangu candidates to six MPs.

The other Pangu MPs include, Tari Pori MP, James Marape, Hela Governor Philip Undialu, Komo-Margarima MP Mannasseh Makiba, Lae MP John Rosso, and the newly elected MP for Rabaul, Graham Rumet.

Photo Credit: Inter-Departmental Election Committee (IDEC)

Hela praised for successful polling

In a media sanctioned conference held at the Tari Police Station on Tuesday 5th July, Mr Manning commented that he was satisfied with the outcome of the polling in the province.

Marape Votes, Thanks PNG

“I want to officially relay my appreciation to our people right across the country for their good turnout during the campaign period. 

Marape said generally, the campaign period concluded on a ‘good note.’ Acknowledging a few incidents that took place around the country however stating “there were no substantial incidents” in Hela Province. 

“Up until the moment I left Tari today (July 4), nomination, campaign and polling went smoothly in general sense for Hela Province.” 

Police calls on citizens to be responsible

Assistant Commissioner Operations Samson Kua corrected this saying  police have in fact confiscated one blue field uniform, three police long pants with a boot as well as one set of PNG Defence Force camouflage uniform, one shirt and one short trouser. 

He said these items are now in police custody and investigations are being conducted into their origins.

In a post on Facebook page “PNG Political Limelights”, the author claimed that a flight chartered by a regional candidate for the Hela Province contained boxes of police and PNG Defence Force uniforms.

Support for Guala

Most of the local population live in rural areas and face challenges related to accessing basic services such as healthcare. Accessing basic services is at times hindered by violence and tribal fighting in local communities.

Through working in partnership with the Hela Provincial Government, United Nations agencies, and partners, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is promoting peace and development in the Guala community in Hela Province.

Security Forces Deployed to Highlands

Police Minister William Onglo said the security team deployed on Tuesday includes a squad from Mendi and a mobile unit in Hagen.

The deployment follows a meeting by the National Executive Council, which endorsed for early security operations in the entire Highlands region leading up to 2022 National General Elections. 

Hela Governor Calls For Unity

During his speech at the launch of impact projects in Mendi, Undialu reminded the people of the bond their forefathers had before the two provinces split.

"Hela and Southern Highlands are always together in doing what is right for them.

"We cannot separate the people as we all share the same culture and traditions," he said.

Governor Undialu reminded the people of late Anderson Agiru's vision for the two provinces to be as sisters and not brothers.