Hela Province

NPL outlines ownership plan for Hides Power Station

New Porgera Limited (NPL) in a statement clarified certain matters regarding the ownership of this facility which provides power to the Porgera mine.

Hides PDL1 Clan bank account opening

The awareness exercise took a week this month and was carried out in five regions; Tuguba, Hiwa, Tugu Tapiria, Kamea Kera, and Habono.

Peace through photography

“I left school because of a tribal fight in my community. I could not continue my education and even when I thought I could pursue education elsewhere, I could not.”

19-year-old Rarango Nelson’s story is similar to most young people in Hela province who have been unable to pursue a decent education due to tribal fights and conflicts in their communities.

Trauma, an issue in Hela communities

“The issue of trauma is something that is not addressed in Hela communities but it is something that we feel and see the effects of in our communities every day,” stated Reverend Bola Magini of the Magarima District United Church.

“There is no training available to address the issue of trauma which is a major contributor to the increase of tribal conflicts and violence in the communities.”

Ipape appointed as brand ambassador for peace

Kurai Foundation signed a two-month agreement with Ipape who will be the brand ambassador to drive the foundation’s peace program.

The Kurai Foundation Inc. has worked to bring peace and end tribal fights among warring tribal war groups in Enga for the past 12 months. This year the foundation intends to extend the program to Hela. 

Ipape will be engaged using media to bring the message of peace to the people of Enga and Hela.

CEO of the foundation Ghandi Katao explained why they chose Ipape to be their brand ambassador.

Hela peace mediators receive training

His team who frequently witness violence and hear retellings from survivors, have to tread a careful path to maintain neutrality and bring fighting parties to a resolution. The work can take its toll.

“We focus more on helping others that are survivors of violence and prolonged crises. “We forget that we, too, as mediators of these issues, can be affected as well,” shared Fr Isaiah.

“Self-care is paramount for us because we are the middlemen when it comes to conflict resolution and reaching a decision that is agreeable for the conflicting parties.”

Hela Changing for the Better

“Basically what has happened is that there has been an absence of serious law enforcement,” said PPC Tondop.

The absence of law enforcement is felt in places like the National Court and Correctional Service facilities, not being able to hold what Tondop described as “hardcore” criminals.”

PPC Tondop said there is a lack of consistency in law and enforcement, with most court cases having to be held in Mendi and Mt. Hagen.

No warlords, just criminals

Mul-Baiyer Member, Jacob Maki, in the Parliament Sitting on Tuesday 14 March, posed questions to Minister for Internal Security responsible for the Royal PNG Constabulary and PNG Correctional Service, Peter Tsiamalili Jnr, regarding the most recent killing and the abduction and rape of a young woman.

“There are warlords in Hela Province holding hostages in captivity and demanding ransom, young girl being taken hostage and repeatedly being raped by criminals going viral on social media and creating fear among citizens of this beautiful nation.

Warring tribes bury hatchet

Both parties have now agreed to make peace after local MP William Bando intervened and appealed for a stop fight.

Besides that, Bando asked the warring clans not to destroy state properties.

The MP who had been in constant communication with the warring factions, mobilised neutral community leaders, members of the security forces (PNGDF and Police), and church members just before Christmas eve, and they travelled to Fugwa to talk with the warring faction.

Bando was touched by the call of desperation from mothers and children, who feared being attacked.

Improving Psychosocial Support For Hela Province

The provision of quality mental health services is a growing concern for service providers, who see addressing mental health as key to breaking cycles of violence in the province.

“Here at Koroba LEP Centre, we see women, men, boys and girls, displaced by tribal violence,” shares Alice Bibe, Coordinator of the Koroba LEP Centre in Hela Province.

“And they bring their troubles and concerns with them,” adds Bibe.

“During, and following conflict, people are living with a lot of trauma,” said Mapera Angu, Project Coordinator for the Melanesian Institute.