Hela Province

Hela praised for successful polling

In a media sanctioned conference held at the Tari Police Station on Tuesday 5th July, Mr Manning commented that he was satisfied with the outcome of the polling in the province.

Marape Votes, Thanks PNG

“I want to officially relay my appreciation to our people right across the country for their good turnout during the campaign period. 

Marape said generally, the campaign period concluded on a ‘good note.’ Acknowledging a few incidents that took place around the country however stating “there were no substantial incidents” in Hela Province. 

“Up until the moment I left Tari today (July 4), nomination, campaign and polling went smoothly in general sense for Hela Province.” 

Police calls on citizens to be responsible

Assistant Commissioner Operations Samson Kua corrected this saying  police have in fact confiscated one blue field uniform, three police long pants with a boot as well as one set of PNG Defence Force camouflage uniform, one shirt and one short trouser. 

He said these items are now in police custody and investigations are being conducted into their origins.

In a post on Facebook page “PNG Political Limelights”, the author claimed that a flight chartered by a regional candidate for the Hela Province contained boxes of police and PNG Defence Force uniforms.

Support for Guala

Most of the local population live in rural areas and face challenges related to accessing basic services such as healthcare. Accessing basic services is at times hindered by violence and tribal fighting in local communities.

Through working in partnership with the Hela Provincial Government, United Nations agencies, and partners, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is promoting peace and development in the Guala community in Hela Province.

Security Forces Deployed to Highlands

Police Minister William Onglo said the security team deployed on Tuesday includes a squad from Mendi and a mobile unit in Hagen.

The deployment follows a meeting by the National Executive Council, which endorsed for early security operations in the entire Highlands region leading up to 2022 National General Elections. 

Hela Governor Calls For Unity

During his speech at the launch of impact projects in Mendi, Undialu reminded the people of the bond their forefathers had before the two provinces split.

"Hela and Southern Highlands are always together in doing what is right for them.

"We cannot separate the people as we all share the same culture and traditions," he said.

Governor Undialu reminded the people of late Anderson Agiru's vision for the two provinces to be as sisters and not brothers.

Police/DF Collaborate In Hela COVID Awareness

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Chief Inspector Teddy Agwi said his officers and the DF personnel started awareness in the Tari Township. They have also gone as far as Komo, Magarima, Kopiago, and Koroba, informing the general public to wear facemasks and maintain social distancing whilst in public places.

PNG LNG Pipeline Landowners to get Payments

Gas Resources PNGLNG Pipeline Limited (GR PNGLNGP) Board has approved a combined dividend and royalty payment to be paid to project area landowners from Segment 2 and 3 of the PNG LNG Pipeline License No.4 (PL4) area.

Segments 2 and covers the Benaria & Homo-Paua regions of Hela and consists of 174 benefitting clans.

There areas are part of the eight segment areas, which are PNG LNG project impacted area

MRDC will make payments at Benaria village in Komo-Magarima District, Hela Province.

Government Commitment Pending

Acco Johnson Limbya, CEO for Juha Petro-energy Development Company Limited, said in 2014 the National Government made this commitment to Juha PDL9, as an integrated part of the PNGLNG Project.

Limbya highlighted the development project agreed to, be established by the state as a high impact infrastructure project for the people of Hela and Western Province.

Apart from funds needed for feasibility studies, Limbya said the funding is the only thing hindering the proposed project from getting off the ground. He said all the paperwork has been done.

500 police positions for Hela

The assistance includes the approval of 500 police positions for Hela Province.

Chairman of the National Executive Council, Prime Minister James Marape, confirmed that NEC has approved for a police mobile squad, within the existing structure of Police, to be relocated and permanently stationed in Hela.

The Cabinet has also approved 500 police positions for Hela and directed that the positions be advertised immediately.