Enga Province

Student pleads for government intervention

Lisa Gabby, a female student in Enga, is pleading on behalf of her people for a free, fair and safe election. Her plea is directed to the PNG Electoral Commission Commissioner, Simon Sinai. She has written an email, asking for a stop to counting and an investigation into the killings and destruction in Enga.

She writes, “Dear Commissioner, I am from Wabag Central, Enga Province. I'd like to declare to your office that Enga Province is in chaos and the death toll has risen in numbers from men, women, young and elderly. More deaths are occurring as I am typing this email.”

Commissioner Warns Candidates

Manning said at least 15 candidates who stood for elections in a number of electorates in Enga, are suspected and the Investigative Task Force is compiling reports and statements at this time.

Commissioner Manning said the ITF report would allow the police to apply for search warrants for their persons, known associates, financial assets, and material property and if need be, arrest warrants.
Manning said the task force would be deployed in stages over the coming days to conduct investigations on the suspected candidates.

Manning Gives Warning on Enga Elections Failing

Commissioner Manning made this remark following an upsurge in lawlessness within the last 72 hours in parts of the Enga Province.

He said a joint task force comprising of military and police personnel will be established and inserted into the Enga Province at the earliest to restore law and order. The Commissioner also announced that 15 candidates of the various seats within the Enga Province in the 2022 National General Election are currently being investigated for their role in the election related violence.

GG presented with gifts

Acting Official Secretary Bill Toraso presented the Governor-General with a bilum and a sand painting from Concordia Early Childhood Learning Centre which he received on behalf of the Governor General in Wabag last Friday.

The early childhood learning center was constructed by Mapai Foundation at a cost of K12 million.

The school is affiliated with Concordia universities and schools in the United States of America.

Kopen Festival celebrated

Executive Director of National Cultural Commission Steven Kilanda opened the Kopen Take Pii festival and congratulated community leaders for taking the initiative to register the festival.

He also commended them for establishing a cultural center in their area and thanked Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas for his leadership in ensuring culture is featured prominently in the province.

Enga boasts of a well-researched and archived cultural center known as “Take Anda or the House of Wisdom”.

Peoples Party Backs Women

Party Leader, Dr William Tongamp said People’s Party has no doubt that women are more than capable to hold office as Members of Parliament. He said the Party believes having women in parliament is best for the country.

Enga Sorcery Report

The study, based on research in the Enga Province, found that police and magistrates intervene only in a few of the cases. It was usually a local leader or a pastor or religious figure that intervenes.

“When mediation is unsuccessful and violence ensues, it is most often a pastor or a religious figure, village leader or immediate family member who intervene to try to stop the violence,” states PNG NRI Issues Paper No.37 on Sorcery accusation-related violence (SARV) in Enga Province.

Climate action boosted in Enga

Launched in Wabag, Enga Province, the Strengthening Integrated Sustainable Landscape Management Project will support Papua New Guinea in its continuing efforts to address climate change.

“It will enhance sustainable land use planning, support conservation and encourage ‘green’ commodities,” said UNDP Resident Representative, Dirk Wagener.

Funded by the European Union, the Project will assist in strengthening sustainable and inclusive economic development across Enga.

More B’villeans to be trained in Enga

The plan was revealed on April 29th during the 4th Graduation of the Enga College of Nursing at Sopas campus, outside Wabag.

When announcing the initiative, South Bougainville MP and Minister for Information Technology and Communication, Timothy Masiu, said he will start sending students to undergo nursing and teacher training at Enga College of Nursing and University of Goroka – Enga Campus, starting next year.

Over 20,000 Engans to access electricity

This follows the commissioning of the provincial government project on Thursday, April 30th.

Sir Peter Ipatas and his guest, South Bougainville MP and Minister for Information Technology and Communication, Timothy Masiu, officially commissioned the project that would benefit the residents of Lakemanda and Yampu.

The Lakemanda-Yampu electrification project was started in 2015 with similar undertakings at Mukuramanda to Tsak valley, Mambisanda, Sopas road junction to Sakarip and Sari to Kaiap with funding sourced solely by the Enga Provincial Government.