Peter Tsiamalili Jnr

Tsiamalili: No place for rogue police officers

Tsiamalili said those found guilty for misconduct in the police force will not only be dismissed but arrested and charged with criminal offenses.

He was responding to the recent report regarding the arrest of 116 former police officers last year, where 74 are now facing discipline-related charges.

He said if a member of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary commits a crime, they will be arrested, prosecuted, and subsequently dishonorably discharged from the Force.

Tsiamalili urges cadet officers to utilize technology

Tsiamalili said this when speaking to the cadet recruits during their dedication service on Wednesday in Port Moresby.

He said Police officers are expected to utilize technology to prevent crime before it happens and excel in dissecting communications between criminals through the use of technology.

“PNG is currently undergoing transformation, moving from what we knew in the past and what we inspire to be in the future, where new and emerging technology is a threat,” he said. 

Nawaeb launches community policing boats

Internal Security Minister, Peter Tsiamalili Jnr, took the honour to officially launch the boat at Voco Point in Lae.

The Minister praised the efforts of Nawaeb District Development Authority through the chairmanship of Nawaeb MP, Theo Pelgen.

“The boat will enhance police operations along the coastline of your people and this is an innovative concept that will instil law and order to the community,” Tsiamalili stated.

Internal Security 5-Year Infrastructure Master Plan out

Minister Tsiamalili when launching said this comprehensive plan is a significant milestone in our commitment to ensuring security and stability, as well as fostering development and economic growth in Papua New Guinea.

“With the completion of Infrastructure Plans in all 21 provinces and the Special Region of Bougainville, we have achieved a standardized approach to building infrastructure across the country.

“These fully certified plans will guide our efforts in enhancing and modernizing our buildings and infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing nation.”

Minister Tsiamalili visits Torokina

MP Tsiamalili Jnr flew in from Rabaul, and then headed to Torokina to assess the situation and offer aid to those affected.

The eruption had a devastating impact on villages along the South and East coast, with Wakunai on the West side also being affected. Tsiamalili Junior, representing the National Government on behalf of Prime Minister James Marape and Deputy Prime Minister Hon John Rosso, as well as South and Central MPs, Timothy Masiu and Simon Domarinu, came to provide comfort and leadership to the people of Torokina.

Minister encourages Koki youths

He encouraged youths in Koki to change behaviour as it doesn’t bring about justice to portraying the country and community.

“To the youths, it doesn’t cost to follow the law but it does cost money when you break the law or go against the order. Today in PNG, the population rate between Police officers and us (the people of PNG) are not the same,” stated Tsiamalili Jnr.

No warlords, just criminals

Mul-Baiyer Member, Jacob Maki, in the Parliament Sitting on Tuesday 14 March, posed questions to Minister for Internal Security responsible for the Royal PNG Constabulary and PNG Correctional Service, Peter Tsiamalili Jnr, regarding the most recent killing and the abduction and rape of a young woman.

“There are warlords in Hela Province holding hostages in captivity and demanding ransom, young girl being taken hostage and repeatedly being raped by criminals going viral on social media and creating fear among citizens of this beautiful nation.

Buka’s cleanliness efforts rewarded

The donation was a token of appreciation for the BUC's efforts in keeping Buka Town clean.

Buka Town Mayor, Fidelis Semoso expressed gratitude for the donation of the compactor truck and wheelie bins.

Minister Tsiamalili stated that the compactor truck was purchased using taxpayers' money and is intended for use by the BUC to keep Buka Town clean.

He emphasized that a clean town reflects the mentality of the people and appealed to the public to respect the BUC's efforts in beautifying the town with various projects.

Minister clarifies ransom and release of hostages

“I can confirm that neither the Prime Minister, James Marape nor the National Government were engaged directly with the hostage takers in relation to the terms of release or the ransom sum requested.

“Negotiations were deliberately undertaken by third parties, through an agreed operational strategy, so as to not compromise the State position on law enforcement,” Minister Tsiamalili said.

The Minister said that families of the hostages, supporters, local communities, and local authorities were engaged in the negotiations.

Police needs everyone’s support

He stated this when responding to a question raised by Talasea MP, Freddie Kumai on the rise of lawlessness along major travelling routes in the country.

Tsiamalili Jr said these are challenges that require the support of provincial governments and other stakeholders.

“I call on provincial government officials to work with the RPNGC to ensure that they support the provincial policing plans and empower their local police.