Improving Psychosocial Support For Hela Province

The provision of quality mental health services is a growing concern for service providers, who see addressing mental health as key to breaking cycles of violence in the province.

“Here at Koroba LEP Centre, we see women, men, boys and girls, displaced by tribal violence,” shares Alice Bibe, Coordinator of the Koroba LEP Centre in Hela Province.

“And they bring their troubles and concerns with them,” adds Bibe.

“During, and following conflict, people are living with a lot of trauma,” said Mapera Angu, Project Coordinator for the Melanesian Institute.

UNFPA Donates Birthing Kits

The 40 boxes containing sterilizing equipment and accessories for the use of midwives at the hospital is a step forward towards addressing the maternal and infant mortality in the country.

According to the data from the National Health Information System (NHIS) 2021, a total of 10,637 live babies were born across the national. Less than 97, 161 babies were born in a health facility while 1338 babies were born in a village, 5,138 were delivered on the way before reaching the nearest health facility.

Making the Invisible Visible

The Bilum Exhibition, “Bilum Em I Laif” will be celebrated from July 1st through to August 1st at the National Museum of Papua New Guinea.

“The bilums tell us that life transitions, puberty, marriage, childbearing, aging and a woman’s social status have always been part of the conversation in PNG. The bilum patterns were a way for women to communicate to the border community about the milestones and challenges they face on their journey through adolescence to adulthood and beyond,” said UNFPA Country Representative Marielle Sanders.

Bilum Education Centre Launched

UNFPA Country Representative, Marielle Sander, spoke about the importance of bilums in the country and how the patterns were a way for a woman to communicate to a broader community about the milestones and challenges faced throughout.

This partnership with UNFPA, the National Museum and Goroka Bilum Weavers unlocks the hidden messages behind traditional forms of communication and meaning, and it invites to question the silence around women’s bodies, their social position and role in modern PNG Society.

Maternal Healthcare Services Vital

Obstetric fistula is one of the most serious and tragic childbirth injuries. A hole between the birth canal and bladder and/or rectum, it is caused by prolonged, obstructed labour without access to timely, high-quality medical treatment.

In observance of this day, UNFPA PNG office explains the importance of knowing about the injury that birthing women face when either they give birth without the help of professionals or they arrive too late at a health care facility.

Youths Must Partake In Decision Making

Stakeholders who were in attendance were from the National Youth Development Authority, UNFPA, Department of Education and the National Department of Health (NDoH). 

Day 1 of the Regional Youth Conference had youth under the PNG Family Health Association (PNGFHA), display the work they had been doing in their respective desks.

UNFPA has been working closely with PNGFHA and partners like CIMC, MarieStopes, and OXFAM to implement the Spotlight Initiative programs.

A multiplier of inequalities

UNFPA Asia-Pacific regional director, Bjorn Andersson, said: “As the world continues to battle and recover from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and governments look to institute policies to build back better and greener, we are at the same time affected by another global crisis – climate change – and the impact it has on women’s health, rights and equality.”

Joint Mission For Peace And Development

UN agencies, development partners, and national government representatives were part of the joint mission.

“Without peace, there can be no development and without development there cannot be peace”, noted Mr. Wagener, as he led the joint mission comprised of heads of UN Highlands Joint Programme, UNDP, UNFAO, UNFPA, UN Women and IOM.

Film On Family Planning Launched

The department, UNFPA and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia and other partners launched the filmed called “Wan Boi, Wan Gel” that seeks to promote Family Planning with the sub-theme “By Choice, Not by Chance – One Small Family”, a film idea by former Technical advisor and medical health, the Late Dr Geita Lahui.

DFAT through the Pacific women program was pleased to have contributed to this partnership led by the Department of Health, UNFPA, FHI360 as well as contributions from a range of other partners and NGOs into this production.

Youth Efforts Amplified

The organized activities are a collaborative effort of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), National Capital District (NCD) and partner youth organizations.

The recently formed IYD Committee announced that the PNG theme following the global theme is “Transforming PNG Systems; Innovation for Human and Planetary Health.” 

More than 10 youth organizations in partnership with UNFPA and NCD for these weeklong activities will call for: