Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH)

MIS training, a work in progress

PMGH CEO Dr. Paki Molumi said it is the beginning of many more things to come with support from the Chinese 12th Medical team, as both parties look at appropriate policies to move the training to a much higher level.

The MIS Training is in line with the government’s plan.

PMGH pursues qualification in MIS

Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) is an improved method of surgery that is less painful, creates less scarring on the body and requires less recovery time in the hospital.

The MIS Training was launched by the 12th China Medical Team of surgeons at the PMGH training unit, witnessed by the CEO Dr. Paki Molumi, Director Medical Services, Dr. Koni Sobi and other surgeons.

UNFPA maternity kits reduce neonatal deaths

Through the corridors of Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH), hardworking midwives are committed to reducing infection as they prepare for another day bringing our newest Papua New Guineans into the world.

WHO estimates neonatal infections result in over 550,000 deaths every year, globally. Almost all are entirely preventable with basic interventions.

With the delivery of 40 maternal health kits to PMGH, midwives report the rate of neonatal deaths has decreased up to 80%.

PI donates to PMGH staff

This is to recognize and appreciate the work and efforts of the staff every year.

PI National Trade Activation Manager, Christine Miria expressed that they wanted to do this donation to show their appreciation towards the staff of PMGH and to also fulfil their commitment to community based social responsibility to the hospital.

“We hope the staff will enjoy a can of PEPSI Max while on shift break and we are happy to make this possible through Friends of POMGEN,” she added.

NCDPHA and PMGH discuss mortuary issue

NCD PHA CEO Dr. Steven Yennie is aware that the mortuary is full and can no longer accommodate dead bodies.

“As a responsible Health Authority, we have advised NCDC and management,” Dr Yennie said.

“The pressing issue is how do we make sure we address the bodies outside the layout area at the mortuary. Those discussions will be subjected to PMGH Management team discussing with NCDC,” he added.

Dr. Yennie said the NCDPHA will purchase container size coolers and conduct a mass burial as part of its short term plan to address the situation. 

China Medical Team celebrated

PMGH CEO Dr. Paki Molumi thanked the doctors for their contribution to the work of PMGH during the last 12 months especially during the difficult time of pandemic.

Dr Molumi said, “You had stood with us at the time of COVID with the rest of our staff and thankfully you come out of the pandemic with PNG. So as much as you wanted to do what you wanted to do at PMGH in these two years has disturbed us all, but I thank you during those hard times, despite that you continue to do your job.”

Heart Centre celebrates success

A press conference was called today by PMGH CEO, Dr Paki Molumi, Dr. Noah Tapau, Pioneer Cardiothoracic and Dr. Wesong Bolo, Intervention Cardiologic surgeon and the patron of the centre, to express their jubilation and appreciation.

Dr. Molumi explained that PDA is a congenital heart condition usually corrected by open surgery. He said it is now possible with non-evasive heart procedure to correct it. The Operation Open Heart usually does this procedure in the past. 

The two heart surgeons proudly announced the reality of a heart procedure now possible at the PMGH.

First PDA closure completed at PMGH

An excited Hospital CEO, Dr. Paki Molumi shared this with the media soon after the Cardio team successfully completed the procedure in the Cath lab.  

“Thanks to the Cath lab team, the Anaesthetist team and Nursing team for these achievements for our people. The procedure took 15 minutes and with only sedation, Recovery time will be short, meaning short hospital stay,” said Dr. Molumi.

Dr. Molumi explained that PDA which stands for ‘Patent Ductus Arteriosus’ is a persistent opening between the two major blood vessels leading from the heart.

Reading Books For PMGH Children

Doctors in the Pediatric Ward said these books will entertain, and educate the sick children while receiving medical treatment there. 

PMGH Corporate Plan Launched

Health Minister, Jelta Wong and PMGH Board Chairman, Peter Graham launched the Corporate plan at the hospital lawn.

PMGH Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Paki Molumi acknowledged the staff and the board and important partners in the production and the implantation of the three-year Corporate Plan.  

“It’s a privilege for me as CEO to lead a hard working team to prepare this inaugural Corporate Plan 2022-2024. PMGH was part, played an important role also in preparing the national health plan that was launched by the PM towards the end of last year.