UN women

Bay Informal Mamas business booted

Forty women in Small to Medium Enterprises were selected from 120 applicants who underwent training as part of the United Nations Market Training program.

The program was funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agreement (JICA), co-funded by the National Fisheries Authority (NFA), AusAID, and UN Women in collaboration with the provincial and district administration.

After the training, the women were empowered with the skills to earn an income, but they lacked the necessary equipment to continue cooking, baking, or sewing.

Nyamayemombe impressed with Village Courts

She was the special guest at a graduation of Village Court Chairpersons and Magistrate on Friday 13 January at the Holy Family Anglican Church hall at Hohola, NCD facilitated by the PNG Human Rights Defenders’ Association.

Nyamayemombe expressed deep admiration and said she was very humbled to be invited by these organisations to witness those who are with the people on the ground performing their duties with none or very minimal resources. 

Human Rights training for Village Court workers

The training was held at the Holy Family Anglican Church in NCD from Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th January, ending with a small graduation ceremony. It was an exciting experience  for the participants as this is the very first time they learnt their role as Human Rights Defenders and what they can do to minimize the problems at the village/community level.  

Improving Psychosocial Support For Hela Province

The provision of quality mental health services is a growing concern for service providers, who see addressing mental health as key to breaking cycles of violence in the province.

“Here at Koroba LEP Centre, we see women, men, boys and girls, displaced by tribal violence,” shares Alice Bibe, Coordinator of the Koroba LEP Centre in Hela Province.

“And they bring their troubles and concerns with them,” adds Bibe.

“During, and following conflict, people are living with a lot of trauma,” said Mapera Angu, Project Coordinator for the Melanesian Institute.

UN Women, Media Reinforce Partnership

UN Women is an agency for Gender Equality and the empowerment of women. The breakfast meeting is part of their efforts to strengthen their partnerships with the media in the promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The event brought together editors and members from different media houses in Papua New Guinea.

Gender equality in PNG is doing poorly as there are high levels of gender-based violence which remains a challenge in the country and it is ranked 160 out of 162 in the gender equality index.

Lae vendors celebrate women’s day

The Lae Market Vendors and Growers Association, established in 2021, has over 460 members.

The group was formed following the UN Women’s market economy recovery and inclusion (MERI) program.

President, Margaret Kumbu, extended her gratitude to UN Women and the Australian government for recognising the women’s worth and their contributions to the community.

Joint Mission For Peace And Development

UN agencies, development partners, and national government representatives were part of the joint mission.

“Without peace, there can be no development and without development there cannot be peace”, noted Mr. Wagener, as he led the joint mission comprised of heads of UN Highlands Joint Programme, UNDP, UNFAO, UNFPA, UN Women and IOM.

Mentorship To Female Politicians

The Academy is a partnership between UN Women and the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG). Dame Carol encouraged women to work with men as allies as they seek to advance their political careers.

“Let men be your allies on gender equality issues. It is important to see our male counterparts as partners in development. We should work with men. If you find one opposing your ideas on gender equality, walk to another one and get him to see and understand your view,” she Dame Carol.

Market Operating Toolkit

The three-day Southern Regional Community Development Consultation Workshop brought together key participants of the informal economy from the centers of Alotau, Kerema, Daru, Central and the National Capital District (NCD). It was facilitated by the Department of Community Development and Religion (DfCDR).

At the launch of the workshop, Department Secretary Jerry Ubase, said, “The Informal Economy Policy 2011-2015 is outdated and needs to be reviewed to address socio-economic needs for the marginalized people in the country in the informal sector.”

Political Leadership Academy For Women

The academy is known as “Political Leadership for Women”.

This follows a Memorandum of Understanding that was signed in August this year between the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance and UN Women to promote women’s political participation and leadership in the country.

UN Women Country Representative, Themba Kulua said women have always played an important role in our society.

“However, due to cultural practices they have always been over-looked when they run for elections at both the national and Local Level Government.”