Hela Province

New health facility for Hela

The development represents over one million kina investment by PNG LNG and will provide improved healthcare for communities close to the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant, the firm said in a statement. 

“The Sub-Health Centre will provide inpatient services, midwifery services and pre-natal care to hundreds of local women. 

“With the new facility, a labour ward and an antenatal care area will now allow women to deliver babies and recuperate where as previously, they were sent home straight after delivery.

Existing court order delays Hides landowners’ payment

This is due to an existing court order preventing the Department of Petroleum, and other concerned departments and statutory bodies, from conducting landowner identification in PDLs 1, 7, 8 and 9.

Petroleum and Energy Minister Nixon Duban confirmed today that the payments never happened as agreed on because he and the department were advised of the court order and breaching that would be in contempt of court.

Although payments were raised for this, landowners have been informed of the court order, which was taken out by a Albert Mokai in June this year.

Hides landowners confirm existence of funds with BPNG

Bank statements from BSP and ANZ were also presented to them by the Mineral Resource Development Company to confirm their 2 percent free carry equities are kept there.

Landowner representative and businessman Larry Andagali thanked the government and MRDC for proving to them that their funds are being kept safe.

He said they have remained as ‘doubting Thomas’ after being misled by people with vested interests and they are now happy to reopen the gates to the well heads and the conditioning plant.

Date set for Hela by-election trial

The matter was fixed for hearing by Justice Collin Makail after businessman Larry Andagali filed the case naming the Electoral Commission, National Executive Council and the state as defendants.

The case was filed over the delay in conducting a by-election for the Governor’s seat following the passing of the late Governor Anderson Agiru.

Hides landowners start their presentations

Spokesperson Andy Hamaga, in highlighting some of the main points included in the petition, has called for the 4.27 percent equity to be given to the landowners free of charge.

They have opposed the idea of a beneficiary group – that includes the five provincial governments – to seek and buy those shares on behalf of them.

They claim the National Executive Council has charged them one billion US dollars to buy back those shares and this is too expensive for them to meet.

They therefore want that equity, now being held by Kumul Petroleum, to be given to them free.

Hides landowners seize keys to gate

The landowners gave the government a 12-hour ultimatum as of 5pm yesterday for it to address their concerns.

Security forces on the ground confirmed that the landowners have also taken over the gates leading to the six well pads that supply LNG to the plant.

The employees inside the conditioning plant are still locked in but are safe with police on high alert and ready to act if anything happens.

Medical team treats 112 local people

Some of them had arthritis, skin infections, backache, antenatal care and also more common illnesses such as malaria, dysentery and pneumonia.  

Barrick (Niugini) Limited (BNL), operator of the Porgera Gold Mine, recently led a team on a medical patrol to the area.

The village, located about 116km downstream from the mine, is in the Kopiago District and has a health centre that serves about 5,000 people from five Local Level Government (LLG) council wards.

The health centre is operated by the Mambisanda Agency of the Lutheran Mission based in Wapenamanda, Enga.  

Displaced Uni students seek help from Government

The students’ requests, contained in a detailed brief was handed to Imbonggu MP, Francis Awesa last Thursday July 14 and is to be considered by parliamentarians from the two provinces.

First of its kind from any university displaced student group from around PNG, Southern Highlands and Hela students are asking for government assistance to help them involve in worthwhile projects and activities.

Hela and SHP MPs to address people following Agiru’s death

The MPs are Peter O’Neill (Prime Minister / Ilalibu-Pangia), James Marape (Minister for Finance / Tari-Pori), Francis Awesa (Minister for Works and Implementation / Imbonggu Open), De Kewanu (Vice Minister for Works / Member for Mendi Open), William Powi (Governor for Southern Highlands Province), Jeffery Komal (Nipa-Kutubu Open), Francis Potape (Komo-Margarima Open), James Lagea (Kagua-Erave Open) and Philip Undialu (Koropa-Lake Kopiago).

Agiru seeks court order to remain as governor

 Agiru was ousted as governor at a meeting conducted by Francis Potape and other members of the Hela Provincial Assembly on December 29 in Tari.

He returned to the National Court at Waigani this morning to move the notice of motion that was filed on January 4 (yesterday).

However the matter could not proceed any further as the motion was “short served’’ (insufficient notice) to Francis Potape’s lawyer Philip Ame just this morning.

The matter came before Justice Derek Hartshorn.