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Sika made this appeal following an increase in ethnic clashes within the city in recent weeks. In one of the clashes on Sunday (February 26), a quick response by Gordon Police Station Commander (PSC) Inspector Gabriel Kini and support units stopped an ethnic clash between people from two highlands provinces at Five Mile.

Sika added that there were two ethnic clashes reported during the weekend which police are investigating. He said one was at Derekone Gereka. The fight was between a group of people from Tari (Hela Province) and another group of people from Western Highlands. 

Warring tribes bury hatchet

Both parties have now agreed to make peace after local MP William Bando intervened and appealed for a stop fight.

Besides that, Bando asked the warring clans not to destroy state properties.

The MP who had been in constant communication with the warring factions, mobilised neutral community leaders, members of the security forces (PNGDF and Police), and church members just before Christmas eve, and they travelled to Fugwa to talk with the warring faction.

Bando was touched by the call of desperation from mothers and children, who feared being attacked.

Concerns raised over safety of Hela children, women

The Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC), a sectoral committee of the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council (CIMC), is appealing to community leaders, tribal leaders and individuals, including men, to put an end to the fighting and pursue conflict resolution so that much needed humanitarian support and government assistance can continue into the province.

Former MP calls for peace in district

Zeming made the call after tribal fights in two different parts of Tewai-Siassi, Morobe Province, resulted in four deaths.

The clashes had made community leaders worried about the ability of the district administration to bring the law and order situation under control.

One fight is raging in Sialum, involving villagers in Upper Ziwe, while the other is on Siassi Island, involving Gasam and Gom villagers.

At least four people have been killed within a week, with many more seriously injured and houses and properties destroyed in both areas.

VIDEO: Tribal fight continues

He stated this during a recent interview, following the reluctance of a few families in the Amala tribe to sign an MoU to declare an understanding between the warring tribes to call for peace. 


Imelda Wavik with more 

VIDEO: People still suffer

TVWAN was at the affected areas recently – and spoke to a few of the villagers. 


Imelda Wavik with this report 

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