Law and Order

Several killed in Lae confrontation

In a press briefing this afternoon, Assistant Commissioner of Police - Northern Command, Peter Guinness, said opportunists did not fear for their lives when they rushed to break into shops and business houses. 

“Several of those would-be looters were shot and they’re now at the morgue; four confirmed dead and eight casualties,” ACP Guinness told Lae media in the presence of the Morobe Provincial Administrator, Max Bruten, and the team leaders of the joint forces. 

Madang remains calm

There was trouble brewing in the early hours of the morning by opportunists trying to cause mayhem but were dismissed by police officers.

Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Robert Baim gave strict orders for all business houses within the town to close operations by 12 midday today, including all PMV operations. This was to maintain order and monitor the movement of people in and out of town, in case of an uprising.

Marching against rising law and order in ENB

The march commenced at the Ralum Police headquarters and ended at the Kokopo main market.

ENB Governor Michael Marum, Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources and Gazelle MP Jelta Wong, Provincial Administrator Levi Mano, the police, Correctional Services, public servants and NGOs participated in the protest.

Governor Marum said the march is a follow-up of a peace walk that was held at the beginning of this year.

“However, we marched again to show that there are still no changes to law and order in the province,” he said.

No one is above the law

The Police Operation Order code named “Operation Sapea” from the PPC’s Office was drafted in early November 2023, set in two phases. The first phase is the Law and Order awareness campaigns that started on 14th November and ended 14th December.

PPC Lemb says the province-wide awareness campaign has been conducted successfully.

The PPC’s office has received good reports so far from all rural stations, leading into the Christmas-New Year Operations proper despite very minor incidences.

Eviction way forward

In a recent incident on Monday 28 November, a first-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) student from the Divine Word University, was attacked at the Laiwaden Oval at around 10am.

According to the student, Darren Ivarami, he was on his way to visit his uncle, who is the Headmaster of Kusbau Primary School. On his way, he decided to take a breather at the Laiwaden grand stand before proceeding on, it would be a less than 2 minute walk.

Lawlessness places strain on hospitals

Dr Kauve Pomat, a Paediatrician with the Rabaul Provincial Hospital highlighted this recently when expressing his concern on the recent upsurge of lawlessness in Rabaul District.

He said the escalation of lawlessness in the province, has placed a strain on the Rabaul Provincial hospital in terms of a surge in trauma cases, overwhelming their resources and personnel.

“The surgical unit is receiving trauma cases daily. The trauma is human inflicted and is something that can be stopped if there is a collaborative approach,” Dr Pomat said

Madang police need support

Provincial administrator Frank Lau made an appealed to the Police Commissioner and Internal Security Minister after the unrest which was sparked due to the barbaric killing of CID police officer.

This caused much damage to residents, business houses and citizens which police could not contain in the province.

Lau stated that police men and women despite their offices and barracks being condemned, still continue to live and work in desolate environments.

Hela Changing for the Better

“Basically what has happened is that there has been an absence of serious law enforcement,” said PPC Tondop.

The absence of law enforcement is felt in places like the National Court and Correctional Service facilities, not being able to hold what Tondop described as “hardcore” criminals.”

PPC Tondop said there is a lack of consistency in law and enforcement, with most court cases having to be held in Mendi and Mt. Hagen.

Police calm Korak unrest

The unrest occurred due to the killing of 26-year-old Reinheart Masule Yakamaw, a youth from the Korak village community, on Friday 21st July. It is stated that during the time Reinheart was shot, the community at Korak were at a nearby village attending a hauskrai of a former Bogia member.

Kokopo mayor urges focus

The City Mayor, Isidor Bonga expressed concern about the prevalence of political rhetoric that often touts basic services already provided by the government as achievements.

He stated that services such as education, healthcare, sanitation, roads, and electricity are fundamental rights that should not be boasted about. These services are already part of the government's responsibility to ensure the welfare of its citizens.