Law and Order

Hela Changing for the Better

“Basically what has happened is that there has been an absence of serious law enforcement,” said PPC Tondop.

The absence of law enforcement is felt in places like the National Court and Correctional Service facilities, not being able to hold what Tondop described as “hardcore” criminals.”

PPC Tondop said there is a lack of consistency in law and enforcement, with most court cases having to be held in Mendi and Mt. Hagen.

Police calm Korak unrest

The unrest occurred due to the killing of 26-year-old Reinheart Masule Yakamaw, a youth from the Korak village community, on Friday 21st July. It is stated that during the time Reinheart was shot, the community at Korak were at a nearby village attending a hauskrai of a former Bogia member.

Kokopo mayor urges focus

The City Mayor, Isidor Bonga expressed concern about the prevalence of political rhetoric that often touts basic services already provided by the government as achievements.

He stated that services such as education, healthcare, sanitation, roads, and electricity are fundamental rights that should not be boasted about. These services are already part of the government's responsibility to ensure the welfare of its citizens.

Tondop: Hela will change for the better

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop says Hela will change for the better. He said this confidently after capturing and arresting four criminals wanted for a string of serious crimes in the province. 

The suspects were arrested by the joint security forces in Hides and Tari with the assistance of communities within Hela. Tondop stated that they were arrested between the months of March and April, 2023. 

Police Reduce NCD Easter Crime

the police presence around the main crime hotspot areas in the National Capital District during the long Easter season has resulted in fewer serious crimes reported.

There were tents set up throughout the city by the police station commanders and their members who did motorist and foot patrols during the five-day operation that started on Thursday and ended on Monday.

The positive result came about because of the efforts that hard-working police officers had put into making their time available in all the hot spots around the city.

Peaceful Easter Weekend, Except for Daru

Dr. Mitna reported that most police commands remained calm, with only a few isolated incidents occurring, which were manageable.

However, there was one unfortunate incident in Daru, Western Province, where a 20-year-old male named David Kowani Miki died under suspicious circumstances while out at sea with members of the PNG Defence Force. This led to looting and damaging of public properties by angry relatives and opportunists in the township. Local police responded quickly and contained the situation. The police are currently investigating the death.

Reconciliation to bring peace

Since taking office, Governor Ramsey Pariwa is determined to address this law and order issue using traditional peace building concepts.   

Governor for Madang, Ramsey Pariwa has strongly demanded for youths causing lawlessness in the Trans-Gogol LLG in Madang district to drop their weapons and turn to worthwhile activities to sustain their lives.

Police deployed to Pindiu

In early February, locals in Quenzenzeng Village were attacked over the beheading of a member of their community. During that time, two men were burnt to death in a house, many were injured while 18 houses were razed to the ground.

In response, the Morobe PPHQ deployed a team on Saturday morning.

Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Jacob Singura, said the team is now making its way from Gagidu Station to Pindiu.

Kapao LLG calls for police station

While the Kapao LLG station is slowly taking shape, police reservist, Antipas Giatrus, outlined the pressing issue of law and order.

Giatrus has been working there as a police reservist for eight years, with less than 10 other colleagues.

And with no police station, suspects are taken to Bulolo district for lockup, which is another costly exercise, especially when there is no police vehicle.

“Polis stesin na polis kar i mas stap bikos ol lukim olsem em bikpla ishu. (A police station and police vehicle is needed.)

Community policing on law and order

Police officers from Central had been deployed to the mine to assist the Guard Dog Security personnel providing security at the mine site. 

With the geographical setting of the mining villages and communities, police operation in that area was very challenging when deployed. On January 19 five police officers were deployed to the mine site to provide police presence there.

Upon their arrival at the mine site, they met with Guard Dog Security guards who briefed them on the law and order situation in the area.