Law and Order

Police investigate murder case in central province

The victim was identified as 27-year-old, Immanuel Ivangai from Inauabui Village, Mekeo, in the Central Province.

It was alleged that the deceased went missing after he was picked up by a passing police patrol vehicle on the 28th of March, 2021.

Acting NCD Central Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Junior, said the body of the deceased is at the Port Moresby General Hospital’s morgue for a post mortem, while two of Central Police vehicles have been grounded for forensics.

PM travels to Mendi today

PM will be accompanied by some Members of Parliament including Ministers to reinforce the good work of the members of the Emergency team.

“Southern Highlands Members of Parliament, who are at the centre of election disputes have met with local leaders in Port Moresby and this has resulted in the peace that is in place in Mendi.

Mr O’Neill has again reminded Leaders to not be involved in police investigations currently underway.

“Let the police get on with their work independent of political interference.

Madang town commended

The PPC said Madang Town is quiet at the moment as the meeting is underway.

He urged the residents to continue to maintain that.

The said Madang Town residents have cleaned up the town and whole heartedly welcomed the guests.

He said the town right now is full of security personals as well both police and defence force covering the land, air and sea.

Those who step out of line will be dealt with these security forces.



PM clarifies police budget cut

“We’ve got some issues in the police modernisation program that was one area that was cut, because some questions need to be answered about how the program is going, whether we are achieving the targets of police housing and modernising all our police stations around the country and equipping them properly.

“In fact, we spent hundreds of millions of kina in that project so those are areas we need to tighten up.”

However, the PM said the cut should not be taken literally.

Manus police commends community leaders

Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector, David Yapu says he is pleased with Ward Councilors, ward development Committees, and Village Court Magistrate playing a leading role in maintaining law and order in their respective wards and LLG levels.

He made these comments after conducting an awareness at Rambutso Island over the weekend.

Meantime, police arrested a 39 year-old man over the weekend from Rambutso Island and charged him with the sexual penetration of a grade 7 student.

The incident allegedly took place on November 11 in the victim’s village.

Wewak locals raise security concerns

This comes after a man, alleged to be the manager of the Tang Mow supermarket in Wewak, was seen holding a shot gun in the town public area. 

A picture of the man was posted online – which caused different reactions from the public.

While others were taken aback by this man’s action stating that the relevant authorities should look into the matter, and find out how and why the Asian national can be seen carrying this firearm in broad daylight;

There were others who defended the man’s actions.

Tribe launches law and order initiative

Meeting with the Police Commissioner, Gari Baki recently, the leaders said the purpose of the initiative was to bring back the good image of the Bakovi tribe to its original.

Baki said the Bakovi tribe has lost precedence and in its place has now brought shame and embarrassment to the people of Bakovi with the endless breakdown of law and order.

The meeting with the 157 clan leaders was also to iron out law and order issues that have been outstanding for the last six months.

Services remain disrupted in Mendi

According to sources on ground in the province, most of the services have been disrupted since the weekend and still remains disrupted.

Police have been on high alert since the killings over the weekend.

Opportunists have taken advantage of the attacks on the weekend and this has caused much concern for security personals on ground. 

Meantime, the Police Commissioner who has been briefed about the situation in Mendi released a statement yesterday.

​K500,000 for law and order improvement

This is to support police operations in the Moresby South electorate, including programs and activities through the police stations and their commands.

Minister for Lands and Member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko, said this during the joint police station parade at Badili police station on Wednesday morning.

“The funds will help as well to enhance the community policing project that has been going on for the last five years in the markets, public places and suburban areas of Moresby South,” he said.

Judge: Ignite the flame in Central Province!

Some of the areas in the province were known for addressing law and order issues, he said during the opening of the Central Court circuit today.

Areas like Magarida in the Abau district; Sogeri as well as Tapini in Goilala are some areas that have contributed to that colourful history.

He said in the colonial days, Magarida was used as an area where trouble makers were hung as punishment for their wrongdoing.

Sir Hubert Murray, who was a judge and Lieutenant-Governor of Papua from 1908, resided at Sogeri and travelled into the city to conduct cases.