Eviction way forward

The increase in petty crimes in Madang Province has been continuously increasing at an alarming rate, despite efforts by law enforcers and the community.

In a recent incident on Monday 28 November, a first-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) student from the Divine Word University, was attacked at the Laiwaden Oval at around 10am.

According to the student, Darren Ivarami, he was on his way to visit his uncle, who is the Headmaster of Kusbau Primary School. On his way, he decided to take a breather at the Laiwaden grand stand before proceeding on, it would be a less than 2 minute walk.

Ivarami stated that as he was being approached by the perpetrators, he recognized one of them so he greeted them. However, whilst smiling and talking to them he then realized that the one he knew had a wire catapult, which he pulled but with less tension which had grazed his hand when it was let go.

He was then alarmed and fearing his life, threw his bag at them before another one was released on him, as this time it was pulled with greater tension at they were close to him. Suspects took off with his bag containing K500 cash and two mobile phones.

He followed them and approached the Redscar market, he alerted the vendors nearby who brought in the Ward 4 councilor. Councilor Bonny Simon condemned the act as the perpetrators were youths from his ward area.

Simon alerted police on the matter and later demanded for families of the youths to bring forward the suspects. One suspect was brought in by his parents, whilst the other three were on the run, in possession of the stolen items.

The community members gathered and protested for the trouble makers’ families to be dealt with by enforcing family eviction. Community members are already tired of petty crimes giving them a bad name and have agreed to corporate with police in apprehending the suspects.

Three suspects are in police custody with one still at large. Police are working around the clock to ensure his capture.

Meantime the Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Robert Baim has warned troublemakers.

He stated: “I am warning these container rats and would be perpetrators to refrain from committing any offenses. If Police Officers catch you, you will face the full brunt of the law. If you are from the settlements, you and your families will be the first ones to be evicted.”

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