Health Care

Lawlessness places strain on hospitals

Dr Kauve Pomat, a Paediatrician with the Rabaul Provincial Hospital highlighted this recently when expressing his concern on the recent upsurge of lawlessness in Rabaul District.

He said the escalation of lawlessness in the province, has placed a strain on the Rabaul Provincial hospital in terms of a surge in trauma cases, overwhelming their resources and personnel.

“The surgical unit is receiving trauma cases daily. The trauma is human inflicted and is something that can be stopped if there is a collaborative approach,” Dr Pomat said

Futures at risk

Fortunately, for Aumu village they have one teacher who teaches elementary through to grade 2. They also have a volunteer phonics teacher who gives up her personal time to ensure children of the village learn to read and write at a basic level.

The same cannot be said for Aivai’i and Kae-Varia. The village children are said to make long-distance trips by river, to and fro, to the nearest schools in other villages such as Evara.

Many choose to forgo the commute and remain at home, in the village.

Tribute to Late Dr Lin Calvert

Her profound impact was continued by her daughter, Dr. Valerie Archer, who admirably carried forward the mantle at the Kapuna Rural Hospital in the remote swampland of Gulf Province.

Prime Minister James Marape has extended his deepest condolences on behalf of the people and Executive Government of Papua New Guinea to the family of the Late Dr. Lin Calvert, who peacefully passed away on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, in Kapuna, Kikori District of Gulf Province.

Kokoda Hospital Improves Services

The project, co-funded by the Australian Government and the Oro Provincial Government under the Papua New Guinea ̵Australia Partnership and Kokoda Initiative, was opened on the 80th Anniversary of the Kokoda Campaign in November 2022.

The refurbishments will promote high quality and equitable health care for communities in the northern regions of the Kokoda Track with improved access for persons with disabilities, extensive repairs to maternity and pediatric wards, antenatal clinics and the hospital ablutions and the provision of vaccine fridges.

How health care works around the world

It's Tuesday afternoon in the Hetherington Group Practice, which serves more than 8,500 people from dozens of miles in every direction from its base in the bustling area of Brixton.

Adorning the many notice boards on the walls are posters asking people to get flu vaccinations, to embrace more walking as part of their day to day and to speak up if they feel that they may have symptoms of bowel cancer.

Rwanda's hospitals will use drones to deliver medical supplies

Rwanda is partnering with Silicon Valley drone startup Zipline to deliver medical supplies to five of its hospitals. Within a year, they plan to expand the program to nearly half of the country's 45 hospitals. The drones will make up to 150 deliveries a day.

Previously, it took an average of four hours to make an emergency delivery to a hospital. With a drone, those deliveries can be completed in 15 minutes, according to Jean Philbert Nsengimana, Rwanda's minister of information and communication technology.

Pacific Medical Centre to boost health care sector

The proposed Pacific Medical Centre was approved and endorsed by the Government as PNG’s most significant investment in the nation’s public health care sector since independence and PNG’s current National Health Plan regards it as the future ‘National Referral Hospital’.

Chairman, Ambassador Evan Paki today in a media briefing says this is the first major public private partnership initiative in PNG’s health care sector, with international teaching hospitals and members of the private sector and the global philanthropic- nonprofit community taking lead.