No one is above the law

The law and order situation in Gulf Province is containable with police out in numbers carrying out law and order awareness campaigns throughout the province, says Provincial Police Commander Jeffrey Lemb.

The Police Operation Order code named “Operation Sapea” from the PPC’s Office was drafted in early November 2023, set in two phases. The first phase is the Law and Order awareness campaigns that started on 14th November and ended 14th December.

PPC Lemb says the province-wide awareness campaign has been conducted successfully.

The PPC’s office has received good reports so far from all rural stations, leading into the Christmas-New Year Operations proper despite very minor incidences.

The Christmas- New Year operations will be launched on Tuesday 19th December 2023. The Operations proper will run from 20th December 2023 to 04th January 2024.

The launching takes place in Kerema with Divisional Commander of Southern Region, acting Assistant Commissioner Clement Dalla expected to officiate at the launch.

Kerema is expected to host Prime Minister James Marape this week on 21st December, who will be in the province to officiate a few development projects, this is yet to be confirmed, however Gulf Police have beefed up operation for the visit.

“A mini Police Operations Order has been drafted by PSC Kerema specifically tailored to provide adequate protection and security to the country’s CEO whilst in the province. By the time “Operation Sapea” will also be in full swing in the backdrop so the PM’s visit will be well and truly covered in terms of security and safety,” said PPC Lemb.

Meantime, police have reported major incidents in the province in November. A string of armed robberies was reported along the Taure/Lakekamu Rivers eventually leading to the killing of two armed robbers by villagers (victims of armed robberies).

Police say these incidents should not deter the festive activities families are looking forward to celebrate back in the province.

“The two lives lost in relation to the robberies are quite unfortunate but further investigations into the incidents will reveal the truth on the identities of the deceased,” said PPC Lemb.

“In the meantime, I appeal to the relatives or friends of the deceased not to take the law into their hands by engaging in any form of illegal retaliatory actions at this time. Christmas New Year festive period is approaching fast and the Gulf people are expected to enjoy the season without any adverse incidents.”

“Gulf Police will be out in full force with the assistance from a team of Southern Division headquarters. After engaging in a month long law and order awareness campaign drive throughout the province, we generally expect minimal problems in Gulf over the festive period,” added Lemb.

There is no liquor ban in the province unlike previous Christmas-New Year periods, but all liquor licensing laws will be seriously enforced, such as selling or consuming liquor during prescribes holiday periods with trading after hours enshrined under liquor laws.

“This will be a test to the people of Gulf to see if they can drink responsibly and act. Illegal home brew alcohol and drugs still remain illegal and will be enforced by police during the operation.”

PPC Lemb said all illegal gambling activities will be monitored and shut down over the festive period. All operators and gamblers are fairly warned not to involve in the gambling over the festive period.

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