Gulf Province

Gulf continues fight against Malaria

Wednesday, April 25th marked World Malaria Day and the Gulf Provincial Health Authority (GPA) together with its doctors, nurses and the general public commemorated the day with a community awareness in Kerema town.

The theme ' Advancing health equity, gender equality & Human Rights in the fight against malaria' has been a vocal connector for health workers in the province for years.

Gulf PPC receive dinghies

Papua LNG believes in the importance of investing in law and order, as throughout close consultations with the local communities, often a breakdown of law and order and the lack of transportation have been two of the key issues raised. 

Papua LNG recognizes the significance of fostering the partnership between the Provincial Government and the local communities as well as the need to uphold community safety through the vital operations of police in and around the Project Area of Influence. 

Popo Luluapo United Church celebrates

Governor for Gulf, Chris Haiveta was greeted by dancers from Luluapo along the Popo River, Kerema, who were celebrating the opening of a long-awaited church building.

The jubilant hosts carried their leader on a makeshift chair from the chopper to the new church building. A few minutes later, local Member of Parliament, Thomas Opa arrived in a speedboat on the Popo River.

Arriving at the Kapore Bridge, leis were put on the MP’s neck, while dancers hoisted him onto a platform and carried him to the church building while singing and dancing.

Gulf leaders demand BDG on January 1, 2024

Landowners from 224 identified clans from Gulf and Central Province will benefit from this Business Development Grant (BDG).

Gulf Governor, Sir Chis Haiveta says, “We want that money as soon as possible. Making a commitment is OK, but making it available is another thing. I'd like it on the 1st if January (2024).”

No one is above the law

The Police Operation Order code named “Operation Sapea” from the PPC’s Office was drafted in early November 2023, set in two phases. The first phase is the Law and Order awareness campaigns that started on 14th November and ended 14th December.

PPC Lemb says the province-wide awareness campaign has been conducted successfully.

The PPC’s office has received good reports so far from all rural stations, leading into the Christmas-New Year Operations proper despite very minor incidences.

Everyday People: Bartholomew Omae

“That keeps me content at the end of the day. I’ve come to love what I do now, which is weird because I never saw myself doing something like this,” he says.

“I remember thinking how strange it was when I first met the (former) supplies & logistics Manager and Project Managers because of their workloads and now I’m doing the same thing,” he says breaking out into a laugh.

The eldest of five siblings, Bartholomew is from Baimuru within Gulf, and was born and raised in Kapuna after his parents moved there to study and eventually settled.

Gulf Isou comp search for new talent

The programs took place in Iokea village, Kerema District from October 7th -14th and in Koialahu village, Kikori from November 11th -18th, 2023.  

The program will culminate in a tournament slated to take place at Moresby South Stadium in Port Moresby from Wednesday 13th – Saturday 16th December, 2023. 

Gulf needs emergency response plan

The Governor acknowledged that the provincial government has limited resources and operates in a difficult environment. He thanked the Project for their recent efforts in assisting waterway communities along the Purari affected by the recent floods.

“We will be flood prone. The province has to accept that and the province knows that. On our coasts, erosion’s happening. There’s about 25 to 30 villages along the front or coastline of which about 10 to 15 are in the Purari delta.

Phase 2 Purari relief mission announced

TotalEnergies PNG Managing Director, Jean-Marc Noiray, announced on Friday November 17th during a ceremony donating three dinghies to the Gulf provincial authorities.  

In September and October of this year, waterway communities along the Purari were severely affected by floods caused by heavy rains of the season. For almost three weeks after the rains, water levels remained above a meter, flooding low-post houses, food gardens, contaminating drinking water sources, and creating an environment for sicknesses such as fever, malaria, and dengue.

Hape highlights Gulf's challenges

On commenting on the recent flood efforts undertaken by the Papua LNG Project launched on November 2, together with Gulf Provincial authorities and the project’s partners, Jerry Hape, Coordinator for the Gulf Disaster Office says the province faces many challenges.

“We don’t respond immediately in time of flood and rain because we cannot go through the river system because there will be logs, and rubbish, debris flowing down the river, so we wait until the flood stops.”

He says, because of these, they depend on ward councillors to send them updates and pictures.