Warring tribes bury hatchet

Seventeen men died as a result of the recent fight between the Wakira and the Kanimu tribes from North Koroba in the Fugwa area of Hela Province.

Both parties have now agreed to make peace after local MP William Bando intervened and appealed for a stop fight.

Besides that, Bando asked the warring clans not to destroy state properties.

The MP who had been in constant communication with the warring factions, mobilised neutral community leaders, members of the security forces (PNGDF and Police), and church members just before Christmas eve, and they travelled to Fugwa to talk with the warring faction.

Bando was touched by the call of desperation from mothers and children, who feared being attacked.

After the Fugwa meeting, Bando met with the warning faction from Koroba Station.

He had asked both parties to stop fighting and sign a peace agreement.

After hours of talking, the warring factions agreed. They signed a truce that they will make peace, kill pigs and pay compensation for those who were killed.

District Chief Executive officer Stanley Kotange facilitated the signing of the peace process, which took place in front of government officers, police, Defence force, church members and local peace and good order committee members.

Freddy Mou