Suspects linked to Koki riot arrested

A massive police operation was carried out yesterday by the NCD Police across the Koki suburb, resulting in the arrest of 35 suspects linked to Monday's violent disturbances.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika personally led this operation, demonstrating the police's commitment to ensuring public safety.

The unrest in Koki began when a man was killed, triggering a wave of violence and chaos. Opportunistic individuals took advantage of the situation, engaging in acts of looting, vandalizing shops, and damaging vehicles traveling along Healy Road. The extent of the damage, loss, and injuries caused by this unrest is still being assessed.

Superintendent Sika stated that until all the suspects involved in the rampage are identified, arrested, and charged by the police, all commercial activities in the affected area will remain suspended indefinitely.

The operation involved a thorough search of the area, resulting in the arrest of 56 individuals suspected of participating in the violence. 
Superintendent Sika emphasized that depending on the outcome of the investigations, these suspects may face charges related to Monday's riot.

Additionally, Superintendent Sika stressed the importance of collaboration between the police and community leaders in bringing further suspects to justice. 
He called upon the local community, including those involved in the betelnut, vegetable, and fish markets, to assist the police in identifying and apprehending any individuals responsible for Monday's violence.

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