Minister for Education Jimmy Uguro

Partnerships for improving education program launched

Last week, Minister for Education Jimmy Uguro and Secretary for the Department of Education Dr. Uke Kombra, launched the PIE program.

The launch coincided with the official opening of the 2023 academic year at Dapu Primary School in Vanimo and in West Sepik.

Schools encouraged to use behavioural policy

Kapavore inquired into the implementation of the Education Department’s Behavioural Management Policy, and whether, the land on which schools are established, are state owned.

Minister Uguro highlighted that the Behaviour Change Policy and Scouts Policy in schools were launched in 2021 at the Hagara Primary School.

The Minister said, “We are now encouraging all the schools to use that policy to educate our kids throughout the schools on the behaviours and values and types of attitudes that we face throughout the schools and throughout the society.”

Education Minister Condemns School Fight

The Minister made these remarks following a fight between students of Gerehu and Tokarara secondary schools on Tuesday afternoon at the Waigani bus stop in Port Moresby.                                                                                   

He said schools are institutions that were designed to develop our younger generations on their character, behaviour through physical and psychological development. 

Respect School Facilities: Uguro

“Students must learn to take their grievances to the school authority if they are not happy with the school management, instead of taking their frustrations out on school properties like classrooms and dormitories,” he said.

Minister Uguro said raised this after learning in recent media reports that several school properties and facilities were damaged or being burned down allegedly by students.

“I am disappointed with these recent events and call on school authorities affected to take appropriate action as soon as they can,” the Minister said.