Everyday People: Anna Kuka

Anna Grace Kuka she hails from Simbu and Jiwaka and loves to help people.

Kuka graduated with a Bachelor of Arts - Social Work in 2022. She was an intern with ChildFund PNG at that time, and now works as a permanent staff.

Everyday People: Desmond Gabriel Malus

As a kid I was brought up in Bulolo District in Morobe Province, a township of historical background that was once an important gold dredging centre in the former Territory of New Guinea, with mines like Harmony Gold Mine, Wafi Gold Mine and PNG Forest Products.

In the home of Gold and Pine, life for me was challenging but I managed to complete my elementary and grade school despite the tribal fights and land owner disputes that occurred there on a regular.

India crowns its first transgender beauty queen

Miss Transqueen India aimed to celebrate gender fluidity and enhance the profile of India's trans community, with the winner being presented with an opportunity to represent India at the International Queen pageant in Thailand in March 2018.

Like other pageants, the event featured plenty of glitter and rhinestones, but unlike other pageants, Miss Transqueen India made a point of declaring all the participants "winners," in recognition of their struggle for acceptance and recognition.

Model "held for cancer treatment cash"

In his police testimony, Lukasz Herba said he got involved with the group behind the alleged kidnap near Milan because he had leukaemia.

Ms Ayling's lawyer Francesco Pesce has said the 20-year-old was told she would be sold in the Middle East "for sex".

Ms Ayling was allegedly held by a group called Black Death for five days.

She came home on Sunday, after talking to police investigators, 26 days after she flew to Milan for a photo shoot.

Online ransom

Model kidnapped for dark web auction, Italian Police say

The model, who has not been named, was assaulted, drugged, handcuffed and stuck in a travel bag, police said in a statement.

A 30-year-old Polish national who resides in the United Kingdom was arrested on kidnapping charges. Lukasz Herba was arrested July 17 outside the British consulate in Milan while accompanying the woman, said Lorenzo Bucossi, the head of the Milan Police Mobile Command unit.

It was not immediately clear why the suspect took the model to the consulate.

Meet Hillary and Bill Clinton's hot model nephew

Hillary Clintonand Bill Clinton have clearly been holding out on us, because the internet just discovered their dangerously good looking nephew.

Meet the model with cat eye syndrome

The rare disorder gives her a "cat-like" appearance, which got the attention of British fashion photographer Nick Knight.

He first spotted the 29-year-old from Seattle on Instagram and she's since starred in V Magazine.

"It's been the most beautiful whirlwind of my life," she tells Newsbeat.

Cat eye syndrome is also called Schmid-Fraccaro syndrome.

Tyra Banks returning to 'America's Next Top Model'

Fresh off the news that Banks will be taking over hosting duties on "America's Got Talent," the model/mogul has announced she is returning to helm the show she created, "America's Next Top Model."

"I missed my ANTM baby so Mama's back," Banks tweeted Thursday.

She stopped hosting the reality model series last year when The CW Network canceled the show after 22 cycles.

"ANTM" moved to VH1 with singer Rita Ora as host and Banks continuing as executive producer.

Pregnant teenage model dies during railway photoshoot in Texas

A photo of Fredzania Thompson, taken moments before the incident in Navasota, Texas, has been shared by her family.

Local police report that Fredzania, who was pregnant at the time, stepped out of the way of one train and was then hit by another.

It was her first ever photoshoot, her mother told local newspaper, The Eagle.

Gigi Hadid wins international model of the year at 2016 Fashion Awards

She beat off competition from her sister Bella and best friend Kendall Jenner at the ceremony in London.

To celebrate, the 21-year-old took part in a mannequin challenge on stage at the Royal Albert Hall with the audience getting involved as well.

Other winners on the night included Jayden Smith and Willow Smith as new fashion insiders.

Accepting her international model of the year award, Gigi said: "I just want to say that I know that I'm in the generation of social media, and I'm so blessed for that.