Dark web

Model kidnapped for dark web auction, Italian Police say

The model, who has not been named, was assaulted, drugged, handcuffed and stuck in a travel bag, police said in a statement.

A 30-year-old Polish national who resides in the United Kingdom was arrested on kidnapping charges. Lukasz Herba was arrested July 17 outside the British consulate in Milan while accompanying the woman, said Lorenzo Bucossi, the head of the Milan Police Mobile Command unit.

It was not immediately clear why the suspect took the model to the consulate.

What is the difference between Deep Web, Darknet, and Dark Web?

Most of this limited collection is in the form of Google websites and services. In reality, the internet is enormous, and it has around one billion websites existing on servers around the globe.

Photos on Dark Web reveal Geo-locations Of 229 drug dealers — here's how

Two Harvard students have unmasked around 229 drug and weapon dealers with the help of pictures taken by criminals and used in advertisements placed on dark web markets.

Do you know each image contains a range of additional hidden data stored within it that can be a treasure to the investigators fighting criminals?

Yeah it's true — "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Digital images come with basic metadata, as well as EXIF data that contains information about the device with which it was taken.


Why are students using Dark web and cyber attacking their schools?

Being isolated from the mainstream internet, the dark web serves as the medium for aplethora of illegal activities. Mostly used by criminal minds, the dark web is gaining popularity among the students.

So, what sort of illegal activity a student would like to perform?