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Everyday People: Emmanuel Daniel Simeon

I started my film acting career at a young age of 11 which was back in 2010. 

I auditioned for the movie titled ‘Dschungelkind’ , a German film , directed by Roland Suso Richter under the UFA Cinema, distributed by the Universal Pictures International. My auditioned went well, earning me a spot in the main role character ‘Auri’ . 

Everyday People: Bolalava Vaia – 360 Galore

This is my third year of running my little SME ‘360 Galore’ and a lot of people have asked about it and the essence behind it is that in the future I won’t just be selling products within PNG but I’ll be selling products around the world.

Everyday People – Kelly Taki

He is a young man of action and has headed the implementation of activities for the opening of major infrastructures at his school this year.

Taki completed his primary schooling at his village of Karawari in Angoram in 2018. Passing his exams, he was selected to attend Bob Pence Technical High school in Kusambuk, Kubalia to do grade 9 in 2019.

He left home and moved to another district, where he stayed with friends and attended school at Bob Pence as a day student.

Everyday People: Atosh Iyaro – BILASIM

Bilasim was established in 2018, and it was during this time at the festival of arts in Honiara, Solomon Islands that I experienced an epiphany where Art and design inspired me and brought “Bilasim” to life.

My brand Bilasim, which means decorate in English, comprises of hand drawn art with all the designs hand printed. I draw my inspiration from cultural motives, and then I get to sketch the designs on paper and transfer onto screen and then onto fabric. That’s how my team and I produce all the outfits and my clothes line are all PNG made and inspired.

EveryDay People : Stanish Chaun Atio

I started my first year at UPNG in the year 2017. I majored in Creative Arts and minored in Journalism. I completed my Academic year graduating with a Degree in Creative Arts in 2021. 
During my years in UPNG, the Creative Arts Department have taught us a lot with regards to Media Industry. Through the school engagement program, we were also involved In a lot of special events such as the 40th Anniversary of the European Union as well as the 10th Anniversary of PNG Air. 

Everyday People: Paulon Podomo

I am 27-years-old, from Marofen village in North Fly District of Western Province.

I graduated with a Diploma in Primary Teaching in 2019 from Sacred Heart Teachers College with support from Australia Awards In-PNG Scholarships.

I am a proud alumnus and ambassador.

“Welcome home. Welcome to Biangabip. Welcome to St. Monica Primary School!”

This was the welcome I received from parents and happy children when I arrived at St. Monica Primary School, located in the mountains of Western Province bordering Sandaun and Southern Highlands provinces.

Everyday People: Boruan Renagi

Boruan attended Port Moresby Christian Academy, Carr Memorial Seventh Day Adventist School, Saint Charles Lwanga and the University of Papua New Guinea (Bachelor of Science, Physics).

However, he wasn’t able to complete his second-year into studies at the university due to personal reasons.

Apart from his passion in creating video contents, Boruan loves playing the guitar and does it during his free time and after a long day of filming. He also engages in photography, passion projects and DIY projects.

Everyday People: Rhonda Samson

She has been struggling to raise seven children while providing for all their needs since the passing of her husband four years ago.

However, Samson’s burdens have been eased after the Kinapulam Farmers’ Co-operative Society became one of the two recent grantees for the Enga Landscape Project Grants.

“I am pleased with the support that we are receiving now. This support means more money to boost what we have been doing,” she stated.

“My family will now be able to extend our potato farming activities.

Everyday People: Jimmy Jack

Jimmy is an Information Technology Support Officer with Digicel PNG at the headquarters in Gordon.

This would be his first job straight out of Datec Learning Centre where he studied for two years.

Jimmy finished his secondary level of schooling at the Port Moresby International School, where the courses he took boosted his interest in IT.

After POMIS he registered at Datec Learning Centre to pursue his studies in IT.

About Jimmy

Everyday People: Tunis Ben - Buai Vendor

My husband and I now run a little canteen just opposite the Boroko Market. 

Back then, living in the Nations Capital was tough. My husband and I were not employed and we needed to make ends meet in order to take care of our little family. That was why we started off as a simple buai and smoke vendors. At times, we got harassed by the NCD City Rangers but this has not stopped us from selling. We continued selling till we reached our profit of K1,300.