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Colette Modagai: An educator's inspiring journey

This policy aims to assess the quality of the curriculum and its impact on student learning and achievement, emphasizing the importance of education for a brighter future.

Colette's journey is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of education. Born and raised in a small village in the Trobriand Islands of Milne Bay Province. She overcame humble beginnings as the daughter of subsistence farmers. Driven by her determination to secure better opportunities, she excelled in school, never missing a day.

Kevin Dayonga: The People's Voice

From the vanishing sun to the prospect of rainwater filling the ocean, his curious mind pondered it all. But it was the mechanics of radio voices that truly captured his attention.

Years later, Kevin’s passion for journalism and advocacy for underrepresented communities to give them a voice, led him to pursue a Master of Combined Studies in Media and Communications and Creative Industries at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, through the Australia Awards Scholarship.

Everyday People: Michael Kole – Art is Life

I live and work as an artist at the Eight Mile Centre for Art, we artists band together in creating wonderfully inspiring pieces that engage the interested eye in the world of art.

In my area of art, I like to delve in the works of creating sculptors and at present have produced some in painting and screen printing as well, and being with the Centre I feel my future is looking positive.

Since 2013, I have been with the centre dedicating my time and effort to building my skillset and in turn contributing by teaching those willing to learn from me.

Everyday People: Joel Matthew Vene – Prove yourself

Being the youngest in the crew, I feel blessed to be a part of a family that looks out for me from day one when I first joined them, I more or less grew up around these awesome fellas.

My odyssey with WANSQUAD means so much to me, as I have learnt many great things starting with being inspired to do what I love by turning it into a career and making my family proud.

Aside from the dance factor, the crew have mentored and helped me grow in life. I am always grateful for them and our manager for teaching me to be humble and respectful.

Everyday People: Lloyd Nadile - Stay the course

In HIP HOP dance there is an array of genres and styles and in our group we touch on specific styles that complement the kind of choreography we want to deliver, and I incorporate my specific style of slow RnB Hip Hop into our routines.

I have been a dancer for over 10 years, having started very young it has been quite a journey in growth and discipline for me.

Everyday People: Dr. Jane Awi on YAP

As part of my administrative roles, I am also the executive director of the Somare Research Institute, which is a new research institute set up to promote all research activities at the university. 

I returned from my doctorate studies from the Queensland University of Technology where I was sponsored by the Australian government for a PHD study. After my studies overseas, I felt the immediate need to give something back to the community.

Everyday People: Killian Rai Kau

For over four years, I worked at the Badili Urban Clinic before moving to NCD Provincial Health Authority, where I recently achieved one of many goals in my health career. 

I was promoted to a managerial position, where I look after the immunization program for the National Capital District.

In a nutshell, my job entails that I look after all the vaccines that I order and have them distributed all throughout the clinics in the National Capital District.

Everyday People: Emmanuel Daniel Simeon

I started my film acting career at a young age of 11 which was back in 2010. 

I auditioned for the movie titled ‘Dschungelkind’ , a German film , directed by Roland Suso Richter under the UFA Cinema, distributed by the Universal Pictures International. My auditioned went well, earning me a spot in the main role character ‘Auri’ . 

Everyday People: Bolalava Vaia – 360 Galore

This is my third year of running my little SME ‘360 Galore’ and a lot of people have asked about it and the essence behind it is that in the future I won’t just be selling products within PNG but I’ll be selling products around the world.

Everyday People – Kelly Taki

He is a young man of action and has headed the implementation of activities for the opening of major infrastructures at his school this year.

Taki completed his primary schooling at his village of Karawari in Angoram in 2018. Passing his exams, he was selected to attend Bob Pence Technical High school in Kusambuk, Kubalia to do grade 9 in 2019.

He left home and moved to another district, where he stayed with friends and attended school at Bob Pence as a day student.