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Everyday People PNG: Shalothy Pata'aku

Eleven years ago my mom and dad got divorced of some vague reasons. I was just a kid growing up back then. All I could reminisce about was my dad pushing his bicycle away out of the entrance to the main road. The moon so high above the coconut palm trees dancing rhythmically to the breeze looked as picturesque as viewed from under the flowers not exceeding my shoulders. The place looked so inaudible, after the Beng! Pang!  Twss!  Brrrk! sounds coming from the kitchen. These noises still ring in my head in moonlit nights these days.

Everyday People PNG: Dorna Longbut

People ask me “u no sa hot lo traipla sun ya”, when they see me in long sleeve shirts and hoodies.

Let me tell you what happened 3 years ago on 07th October 2017.

Everyday People PNG: Peter Barkie

I served the Defence Force for about 21 years.

Within 21 years, I made it up to the rank of lieutenant colonel before I decided to disengage. 

There was a program with the Defence Force for voluntary retrenchment; for people who want to leave the force with extra benefits at that time.

Everyday People PNG: Ishmael Toroama

One of the comics I read was about British Special Forces who said of a commander who had rescued high-ranking officials: “If only we have such people like him, we will win the war”.

This stirred me up and became a driving force in me.
I was working when the Crisis erupted, so I went and joined Francis Ona. In the early days, after two years, I was the main man behind Ona. I was one of his bodyguards; that was when we were fighting with the security forces. When they move in one direction, we move Ona the other way.