cultural heritage

Koblaku Mothers cultural group

Koblaku Mothers Cultural Association from one of the remotest part of Gumine District in Chimbu Province are committed in preserving their culture which is dying out due to the westernization and religious influence.

The Association’s chairlady, Etwik Gui said they have struggled to register their group. She said the influence in the conservation and preservation of our environment and culture is the greatest asset that the people must uphold.

Preserving our cultural heritage

Not far from that church building on the hill adjacent to Qantas House, the National Museum and Art Gallery was fighting a losing battle to prevent the demolition of another building.

When bulldozers finally went to work, they crushed 100 years of religious history for the United Church. The Church’s first ever building, erected shortly after the arrival of missionaries, came tumbling down and its remnants were carted off to the dump.

The United Church said then, it had no funds to maintain the building.