NIP approves betelnut markets, control measures

The PEC meeting on June 16 has restricted the chewing and spitting of buai at public places.

The approvals will regulate and guide the already existing betelnut policy under the New Ireland Betelnut Management Act 2013.

New Ireland will not ban buai as it is linked to their traditions and cultures. However, it will restrict sales at urban centres, in public transport, shopping centres and shops, hospitals and other public venues.

There will be total ban of betelnut chewing in all Government offices.

NCDC to enforce betelnut law

“However, when parts of the SoE restrictions were lifted, the ugly head of uncleanliness resurfaced with large quantity of betelnut being sold,” said the Commission.

Thus, the Municipal Government of the City, NCDC, will start enforcing the law against selling, buying, chewing and spitting of betelnut at public places, including bus stops, traffic lights, road junctions and on public and private motor vehicles using public roads in the city.

Hold chewers responsible, not growers: Governor

Speaking in Parliament on Friday, the 5th of June, Agarobe suggested that growers and sellers should not be penalised.

The people of Central Province are the main suppliers of betelnut into the nation’s capital. Fighting for the livelihood of his people, Governor Agarobe called for the ban on betelnut to be lifted and for reckless and unhygienic chewers to be fined.

“We shouldn’t be crucifying or penalising the grower. The grower has nothing to do with this abuse of betelnut,” he stated.

NCDC continues betelnut spittle war

The irresponsible behaviour of betelnut chewers, spitting the red liquid all over public infrastructure, is only going to maintain the ban on betelnut for as long as the National Capital District Commission is concerned.

Governor for NCD, Powes Parkop, is not letting his guard down over the COVID-19 situation, and SoE or no SoE, he is maintaining the betelnut ban simply because residents continue to be irresponsible with their betelnut waste.

Among the actions that will be taken, PMVs and taxis are to refuse passengers chewing betelnut.

Enga moves to ban buai

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas made this known during a COVID-19 meeting with the provincial management team on Wednesday, April 8th.

In a statement, the provincial office said the move was fully endorsed by senior public servants, medical practitioners, churches, security forces, heads of national functions and leaders of the community who attended the meeting.

Dr Betty Koka, director of primary health care with the provincial health authority, said buai has contributed to health issues and pollution hence it needs to go.

Betelnut movement concerns Manus police

Chief Inspector Yapu said despite the State of Emergency (SOE) orders, “people are still transporting bags of betelnut from Wewak and Madang to Manus for sales”.

“So far, my members on COVID-19 operations, including the mobile squad 10, confiscated a total of 103 bags of betelnut, destroyed them, impounded their boats and arrested them for breaching SOE orders.

“We will try to improve our capabilities and capacities with limited resources at our disposal on sea surveillance,” PPC Yapu added.

Betelnut-related violence concerning

Commander Wagambie said this after a man, escaping from police, was allegedly shot and injured by police gunfire at Port Moresby’s Nine-Mile suburb on October 26.

The victim was reported to be sitting inside a Toyota Land Cruiser ten-seater, speeding away from a random police check when he was shot in the head, allegedly by police.

Commander Wagambie made this statement following claims by a betelnut contractor accusing police of abuse of powers and inflicting injuries to a citizen.

Illegal to chew, sell buai in public areas: NCDC

The National Capital District Commission reiterated on January 13th in light of a confrontation involving its security guards and a bus driver with his crew.

The incident happened on Sunday along the Waigani Drive when the security guards, who are manning the street lights to ensure sales and chewing of betelnut are prohibited, intervened to apprehend a driver who was allegedly caught red-handed chewing betelnut inside the PMV bus at the Waigani traffic signals.

Policeman gets 18 years’ jail time

These were the remarks of Acting Judge Nicholas Miviri of the Kimbe National Court when he recently sentenced a 39-year-old First Constable, attached with the criminal investigation drug squad in Kimbe, to 18 years in jail.

From Simbu, the officer was one of those responsible for a police brutality case, witnessed by the public in the heart of Kimbe town.

Paul Karl, from Kurumugl village, Kundiawa, was part of a group of policemen assisting Kimbe town officials clean the town on 8 April 2011, near Ela Motors, when the deceased, Emil Gare, spit out betelnut.

Parliament bans betelnut, cigarette

Speaker Job Pomat, before going through the order of the day in Parliament, said after consideration of Parliament Act and Constitution, he is now imposing a complete ban on the consumption of betelnut and cigarette smoking.

He added that under the Act of Parliament, any person found chewing and smoking within the premises of the Parliament will be removed immediately and refused reentry.

Pomat said only the Speaker has the power to change such laws.

He went on and said all Parliament staff and visitors will be thoroughly checked before entering the Parliament.