Laptops stolen from NBC Manus: Police

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the suspects forced open the back door and gained entry into the office.

“Therein the culprits stole two Lenovo laptops, a hard drive, a grass cutter, a headphone and a small safe containing K800 for officers’ patrol allowance.

“Anyone selling laptops of similar brand or any stolen properties must be reported to the police as it is an offence to buy stolen goods.”

Police believe one of the escapees that broke out from the police cells on Sunday, July 18th, was involved in the incident.

Police officer on the run

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the officer went to the cells and released the suspect after he was offered some money.

PPC Yapu said the suspect, from Rambutso Island, was waiting for his court appearance after being charged for possession of drugs and escape from custody.

“The policeman escaped to Port Moresby when I directed my Police Station Commander and officer-in-charge to investigate the incident,” said the PPC. “He knew he was going to be arrested.”

Shots discharged after argument

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the suspect had an argument with his wife when he discharged three shots into the air, creating fear within the community.

The incident was reported to the Lorengau Police Station, where officers visited the suspect’s house but he was not there.

They left a message with his parents, who eventually had their son surrender himself.

The suspect was interviewed and admitted to the offence.

Boat Reported Missing

The 23-footer with 40 HP engine, loaded with bags of betelnut, headed towards Manus from Madang on May 22nd.

“It was expected to arrive at Manus on May 24th,” said provincial police commander (PPC), Chief Inspector David Yapu.

PPC Yapu said nine days have passed but the six male and two female passengers are yet to reach their destination.

A search party was sent out but returned with little success.

K10,000 drug haul in Manus

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the security team, who were conducting sea patrol and surveillance on COVID-19, were monitoring people travelling from other provinces into Lorengau.

Based on a tip off, they raided a house at Papitalai village, where they recovered the drug cache and arrested the suspect from Maprik.

The drugs have a street value of approximately K10,000.

Thirty-two-year-old Bart Warampi, from Sarakum village, will appear in the Lorengau District Court on April 6th.


Manus starts COVID-19 operation

The team comprises of 35 members from the Royal PNG Constabulary, PNG Defence Force and Correctional Services.

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, the security forces will also assist the health team with awareness and advocacy on COVID-19 measures.

“We have checked bus stops in town and set up roadblocks to check PMV drivers, crews and passengers to ensure they wear facemasks whilst traveling and carry authorised number of passengers as specified in the new measures under national public transport,” said the PPC.

Man beaten to death: Police

Police in Manus Province reported that the deceased was tied with a rope and continuously assaulted by a group of men at Sopolau village in the Lelemadih-Bupichupeu Rural LLG, Lorengau, on 16th March.

Manus provincial police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the victim was left unconscious in the bush with ropes tied around him when he was found by villagers.

He sustained injures to his head and around his body.

He was taken to the Lorengau General Hospital but later died at the hospital at 5pm on March 17th.

Drunk driver collides with tree

The vehicle involved in the accident was a PMV truck named ‘Tanikiu’ that services the Los Negros LLG and Lorengau town route.

Provincial police commander (PPC), Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the driver with his crew were drunk and travelling at high speed when they ran off the road and hit the trunk of a tree at Lolak village,  causing extensive damages to the right side of the vehicle.

It took a while for people to pull the crew out of the vehicle.

“He sustained a broken leg and was rushed to the Lorengau General Hospital,” reported the PPC.

High-risk escapees caught

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said Wendal Agua and Kevin Mirimbe ran away by climbing over the razor fence, making it Agua’s fourth escape.

Yapu said following a tipoff, Task Force and CID conducted dawn raid on Friday February 5th. They recaptured the two escapees around 3am at Wenai village near Lorengau town.

Fourth escape for high-risk prisoner

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the escapee, Wendal Agua, aged 28 from Likum village, climbed over the razor fence with another prisoner, 22-year-old Kevin Murimbe, on January 31st.

The PPC said Agua was charged with wilful murder, where he was convicted by the National Court on April 10th, 2019, and sentenced to 30 years in hard labour.