Final polling on Tami Island

Community liaison officer, Sam Muzoki, said team 95 started polling last Wednesday, July 13th, at Kasanga, ward 7.

Wan nait lo hap, neks dei mipla kam lo Malasiga.

“Lo Fraide, mipla gat problem lo weather, so had lo mipla trevol i kam olsem lo hia so mipla no bin mekim polling.

“Fraide avinun mipla go lo Busiga. Saturday mipla kondaktim ileksen lo Busiga.

The team rested on Sunday, then walked to Mange in the afternoon.

Yesterday morning, Mange started polling.

Madang Counts Not Yet Started

Sakipa added that they are yet to train the counting officials because the logistical support for this is slow in coming through. 
Meantime, Madang Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang has been receiving situation reports from police personnel attached with polling teams. He said most of the districts in Madang have completed polling. Polling in Nayudo LLG in Rai Coast and Gama LLG in Usino Bundi were the only delays as polling teams in these areas needed to be airlifted. 

Manus Day 2 of Counting

These are the results after the first two counts for Manus Regional first five:

  1. Charlie Benjamin leads - 276
  2. George Sikin - 126
  3. James Kiele – 111
  4. Kepo Pomat - 57
  5. David Aussel - 36

Counts for the Manus Open seat first five:

  1. Leslie Roai - 348
  2. Job Pomat – 260
  3. Dr. Peter Petsul – 45
  4. Rodney Pokapin – 23
  5. Ronny Knight – 23

Day two of the counting is underway with ballot papers from the Balopa LLG. 

PNG Loop’s 5@5

Medical students miss classes to attend forum

Medical students at the University of Papua New Guinea have refused to attend classes today despite the university council's decision to uplift the suspension of classes.