Shots discharged after argument

Police in Manus have arrested a suspect for possession and discharging a firearm on the night of Thursday, June 10th, at upper ward 6, Loregau town.

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the suspect had an argument with his wife when he discharged three shots into the air, creating fear within the community.

The incident was reported to the Lorengau Police Station, where officers visited the suspect’s house but he was not there.

They left a message with his parents, who eventually had their son surrender himself.

The suspect was interviewed and admitted to the offence.

He was arrested and charged for being in possession of an unlicensed firearm, unlawful discharge of firearm in a public place and in possession of live ammunition.

Yapu said the suspect will appear in court today (Tuesday June 15th).

The firearm was traded with people transporting betelnuts by boat to Lorengau town, and was given to the suspect.

He warned people not to buy or accept such firearms into the province as it is a dangerous weapon capable of causing more harm and death.

He has directed his officers to step up sea surveillance to monitor boats transporting betelnuts from other provinces into Lorengau town.

The PPC said in the past, they had confiscated firearms with ammunition and large quantities of drugs on betelnut boats.

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