Australia's High Court to test constitutionality of offshore detention

The case is being brought by the Human Rights Law Centre on behalf of 150 asylum seekers who were temporarily moved to Australia from Nauru for medical treatment.

When it was originally raised in May, the case argued that there was no Australian law which gave the government the power to facilitate offshore arrangements.

But the government, with the support of the opposition Labor party, hastily brought in such a law.

Australia considers five-year offshore immigration contracts

Sources in Papua New Guinea have told the ABC the two main companies being considered are Transfield and Serco.

However, both reported frontrunners have been embroiled in scandals in recent weeks, with allegations of sexual assault on Manus Island and brutal 'fight club' videos filmed within a New Zealand prison.

The ABC understands Australia wants to hand over total control of the Manus Island detention centre to PNG authorities in the five-year period but is willing to extend the contract for an extra four years if that does not happen.

One dead in fight in Manus

While police conduct investigations eye witnesses say the deceased, believed to be in his early 20s was walking home in the evening when he was attacked.

They say the young man and his two younger brothers had gone to town to use the ATM and were walking home to Werei camp when they were attacked by two men.

The reason for the attack is unknown at this stage.

Police say the deceased received a heavy blow to his head and had fallen into a nearby river called

 “Wara pukpuk”.

Residents who rushed to the commotion found the body lying in the river.