Police Brutality

Millions in Nigeria placed under curfew as violence spreads

A number of people are reported to have been shot at a protest in Lekki, a suburb of the city.

A 24-hour curfew planned for Lagos, a key commercial hub and Africa's most populous city with an estimated 20 million residents, was delayed to allow commuters to return home.

Other regions are now imposing curfews.

Following reports of widespread violence across Nigeria, the city of Jos and Ekiti state said curfews would come into force later on Tuesday.

Policeman gets 18 years’ jail time

These were the remarks of Acting Judge Nicholas Miviri of the Kimbe National Court when he recently sentenced a 39-year-old First Constable, attached with the criminal investigation drug squad in Kimbe, to 18 years in jail.

From Simbu, the officer was one of those responsible for a police brutality case, witnessed by the public in the heart of Kimbe town.

Paul Karl, from Kurumugl village, Kundiawa, was part of a group of policemen assisting Kimbe town officials clean the town on 8 April 2011, near Ela Motors, when the deceased, Emil Gare, spit out betelnut.

Approaches to deal with police brutality

It is imperative that residents in NCD take note of the process involved for police to step in when a situation requires it.

K398,000 for police brutality at Hohola

The Waigani National Court today ordered a total of K398,168 in damages and interest to be paid to Ekip Pade, Bras Dos, Boni Kerowa, James Walua, Pora Mek and Michael Nema.

The men were subjected to police assault at Morata 2 settlement and the Hohola Police Station over four days after they were picked up in the early hours of 27 December 2011 following a raid at Morata.

The raid was conducted by police to pick up suspects implicated in the death of a fellow member of the force who had been killed while on duty several days earlier.

Ancillary cop to stand trial

Jefta Monusa of Woginara village in Wewak, East Sepik is facing murder charges in court over the death of man he allegedly assaulted with the assistance of other cops at Gordons market last April.   

Today Magistrate Cosmas Bidar told Monusa in court the evidence against him was enough to show his involvement in the crime, ordering a committal for his case to the National Court for trial.

The ruling came after his lawyer filed submissions in response to police investigation files before the court.

MP raises concerns on police brutality

Paita said police brutality has tarnished the good name of the country and nothing has been done to put an end to it.

He pointed out that many times, our people have suffered from the officers who were supposed to be protecting them.

“Our people deserve better rather than get beaten up by the police,” stated the MP.

“We cannot just sit down and see such brutality happening within the force, but need to stand up and defend our people.”

Suspect in doctor’s bashing arrested

Director for Internal Affairs, Robert Ali, confirmed that after investigations, the main suspected officer was identified and arrested last week.

Dr Newman Berry was returning from Tokarara after dropping his sister off, around 9.30-10pm on Wednesday, May 31, when he was stopped by police and accused of dropping off rascals.

He was brutally assaulted, where he sustained severe head and facial injuries, including psychological trauma.

​Journo allegedly harassed at political rally

Jacob Marcos, a journalist with the Department of Health, was forced to hand over his belongings at Pari Village in the National Capital District.

Marcos, a resident at the Doru area in Pari, was capturing the rally of incumbent MP for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko, when he was approached by a group.

“The group of men, including a policeman (full name withheld) demanded explanation of why I was recording the event,” Marcos said.

​Police assure doctors

Dr Berry, a Resident Medical Officer (RMO) attached to the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Services, was attacked by drunken policemen without any form of reasoning. This was around 9.30-10pm on Wednesday, May 31.

As of 3pm last Wednesday (June 7), the National Doctors Association gave the RPNGC 48 hours to deal with the perpetrators. If no favourable response was received by Friday, June 9, at 3pm, then about 145 doctors based in POM and NCD will stand down from duty.

However, NDA secretary, Dr Sam Yockopua, said doctors will return to work.

Dr Berry retells ordeal

This was the question that police officers asked before they started assaulting Dr Newman Berry, a Resident Medical Officer (RMO) attached to the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Services at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

The 28-year-old Engan doctor told Loop PNG that he was returning from Tokarara, after dropping his sister off, when he noticed a police roadblock at the Hohola 4 peak. This was around 9.30-10pm on Wednesday, May 31.