NCDC to enforce betelnut law

During the State of Emergency lockdown in March, the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) said the city regained its former glory, where the streets looked cleaner.

“However, when parts of the SoE restrictions were lifted, the ugly head of uncleanliness resurfaced with large quantity of betelnut being sold,” said the Commission.

Thus, the Municipal Government of the City, NCDC, will start enforcing the law against selling, buying, chewing and spitting of betelnut at public places, including bus stops, traffic lights, road junctions and on public and private motor vehicles using public roads in the city.

This will be implemented in accordance with the amended Summary Offences Act 2018, which prohibits the selling, buying, chewing and spitting of betelnut at public places.

“As of publication of this notice to the public, we will start enforcement on some parts of the city. Mostly, other parts of the city will see awareness for a week before full enforcement as of Monday 22nd, June 2020,” stated NCDC.

“Under the amendment, offenders are fined an amount not exceeding K10,000 and/or a jail term not exceeding three years.”

NCDC says the exercise has already been implemented at Boroko.

Press release