WHO warns of rising betel nut and tobacco use

The WHO said both substances are known carcinogens and using them together worsens their impact and heightens addictiveness.

The WHO's technical officer for non-communicable diseases in Suva, Ada Moadsiria, said betel nut use is also thought to exacerbate diabetes and increase the likelihood of heart attacks.

"It can make the management of diabetes much harder. And for people who have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, what can happen is a substance in betel nut is thought to actually result in more fat accumulation in the arteries, thereby making it worse."

Highlands buai buyers warned to move back to LBC PMV stop

He said bulk betelnut buyers from the Highlands and travellers must not use or pile up their wares around the Handy Mart area because it is not a designated route 100 PMV stop.

Sorum said the designated PMV stop for route 100 buses and trucks is the LBC stop near Wagol.

Recently, the urban PMV stop near Handy Mart service station at Jomba is being used by Highlands betelnut buyers as their pick-up point. These bulk betelnut buyers are piling up their bags anywhere near the Handy Mart PMV stop  and is an eye-sore and a concern to the local authorities in Madang.