Parliament bans betelnut, cigarette

The Parliament today imposed a strict ban on betelnut chewers and smokers around the precinct of the Parliament.

Speaker Job Pomat, before going through the order of the day in Parliament, said after consideration of Parliament Act and Constitution, he is now imposing a complete ban on the consumption of betelnut and cigarette smoking.

He added that under the Act of Parliament, any person found chewing and smoking within the premises of the Parliament will be removed immediately and refused reentry.

Pomat said only the Speaker has the power to change such laws.

He went on and said all Parliament staff and visitors will be thoroughly checked before entering the Parliament.

“There will be no designated smoking areas and those who chose to smoke will be required to leave the precincts immediately.”

He urged all MPs to adhere to the directives and lead by example.

Pomat further pointed out that such practices of chewing betelnut and smoking cigarettes is unhygienic and unhealthy so the ban will be imposed immediately.

(Speaker Job Pomat)

Freddy Mou