Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas

Enga’s fast-paced growth

The reason behind this is the prioritisation of its human resource.

In 1973, Enga was just a small district of Western Highlands Province. Governor Sir Peter Ipatas never fails to remind his people of this fact.

Forty-seven years down the line and the province is on its way to becoming PNG’s education destination, boasting high-quality infrastructure, state-of-the-art teachers and nursing colleges and highly qualified and properly trained teachers.

Enga moves to ban buai

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas made this known during a COVID-19 meeting with the provincial management team on Wednesday, April 8th.

In a statement, the provincial office said the move was fully endorsed by senior public servants, medical practitioners, churches, security forces, heads of national functions and leaders of the community who attended the meeting.

Dr Betty Koka, director of primary health care with the provincial health authority, said buai has contributed to health issues and pollution hence it needs to go.

Ipatas calls for end to political appointments

Sir Ipatas said this during the closing of the Leaders’ Summit in Port Moresby last week.

The Enga Governor was frank, saying this is one of the major causes affecting government service delivery in the country.

He said to truly progress, the Government has to make appointments based on merit.

Meanwhile, Minister for Petroleum, Fabian Pok, has called on provincial governments to appoint provincial administrators based on merit and not on their place of origin.

Ipatas slams Govt over Porgera mine

The mine will review its agreement in 2019, and Governor Sir Peter Ipatas claims there is no urgency by the Mining Department to commence preparations for the review.

The Enga Governor’s call during the grievances debate in Parliament comes after the operator of the mine, Porgera Joint Venture, lodged an application for renewal.

Governor Ipatas said the National Government and Department must not entertain the renewal until they revisit the agreement. 

K10 million for Porgera high upgrade

Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas, revealed this during the ground-breaking ceremony of the upgrading project at Paiam Oval recently.

During the ceremony, Ipatas thanked project sponsors, which include Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) and the Government.

He said with the upgrade, students in Porgera need not attend secondary schools in Wabag or Wapenamanda.

“So people of Porgera, people of Enga, we must know that there is development coming to our area,” said Ipatas.

Sir Peter Ipatas leaves party for PNC

Members of the coalition parties are abandoning their parties and joining the ruling party Peoples National Congress to form the next government.

One of such parties is the Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas’ People’s Party.

Sir Peter relinquished the party leadership to Jiwaka Governor Dr William Tongamp.

In a statement, Sir Peter indicated his intentions to contest under the PNC banner.

He said as a senior Highlands leader, I have an obligation to maintain the successful leadership in Government of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Enga graduates 148 primary school teachers

Commerce, Trade & Industry Minister Richard Maru urged them to discipline their students to produce the best brains to move the country forward.

“I want each and every one of you who are graduating to be disciplined to transfer the best knowledge you have to the children,” he said.

“Don’t be a paper teacher, to be in the classroom for the sake of your pay, but be committed to transfer the finest values of your profession to our leaders of tomorrow.”

He also described Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas, as ‘the icon of education’ in the country.

Peter O’Neill building opened in Wabag

It was opened last Friday by Public Service Minister Sir Puka Temu, on behalf of the prime minister, at Iraleya Village, outside Wabag Town.   

“The PM cannot come to open the building because it’s a tradition as the building is named after him and also Parliament is sitting,” Sir Puka said.  

He also spoke on the importance of education, which is a key government policy and in line with the country’s Vision 2050.  

Enga will be transformed into ‘education hub’

Sir Peter, dubbed ‘Action Governor’ by his people, is confident the environment is now conducive to achieve the provincial government’s vision.

“We are working towards a vision to make Enga become an education hub for Papua New Guinea,” Sir Peter told media in Wabag.    

“As a provincial government, we have set a strategy for our vision, that is why we are currently going through this process of establishing these institutions in Enga Province. 

Ambassador’s first-ever trip to Enga

The capstone event of her trip was the launch of the Enga Cultural Education Program at Wabag Primary School, where almost 2,000 teachers gathered to celebrate it.

In her remarks, Ambassador Ebert-Gray said: “This innovative program will help to preserve the vital cultural principles – the wisdom of your ancestors – which are so important to pass on from generation to generation, and which might otherwise be threatened with extinction.”